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Friday, May 1, 2009

Butch all or nothing!

Imagine my surprise (damn now I have holly near stuck in my head) when I received this in my LJ inbox a few days ago. A friends request to my LJ by a long time member/supporter.

My first thought was "WITF"? My second "why on earth would someone from a male-centric, misogynistic, sexist site from which I have been banned, choose to friend me"? The shortest distance between two points being (see I did pay attention in math that day!) a straight line, I asked. And as you can see from the cap, she politely answered. She claims to agree with some of what I write regarding Butch women being women. I know big leap right?!? Women actually BEING women, its like a whole new fucking concept! Who knows what could happen if that horse escaped from the fucking barn! Crazy shit like, feminism's return, women learning to love themselves, women loving women, women taking pride in being women, death to queer theory and the feminism of choice! Yanno, nutty shit like that!

But digress, perhaps I'm being too hard on this woman who I really dont even know. Perhaps she's no longer a member I think. Perhaps I should check her out a bit before thinking anything else. I check her LJ profile out first, to see whose on her Flist. Hmmm members ranging from ftM women and the women who date them, several male-centric self hating "butches" and I use that term loosely, a few self described "femmes" who perpetuate Butch equals male peppered with a heavy dose of misogyny, at least one "stonefemme" which translates to fucked up straight woman who uses her straight privilege to occupy lesbian space and fuck up Butch women, and last but certainly not least, the site owner whose dollar signed eyes has seen in her what-should-I-buy-now-wisdom to letting heterosexual men on her boards providing they pay the steep membership fees. Okay, I admit, not a good sign, so far.

But just to further give the benefit of the walloping doubt I'm having, I go a step further and check out some of her last comments at as well and to see if she is a paid member. I find this:

She is paying $100 bucks a year to support web space that clearly is hell bent on nothing less than the genocide of Butch women! She is supporting web space that illustrates the only way to treat a Femme is through sexist, misogynist means, she is supporting web space that encourages the drugging and mutilation of healthy bodied women, she is support web space that has taken efforts to systematically virilize every nook and cranny of Butch, she is supporting web space that will allow for a price any person of any sex of any sexual orientation in!

But none the less, I believe her when she says she believes in Butch as woman, I believe she addresses and loves her partner as a Butch woman. I also believe her Butch woman beliefs and practices are conditional and to a degree. Because I believe it is IMPOSSIBLE to be a member of the KKK on one hand while having a WOC partner on the other. Needless to say, I will not be mutually friending her. She may however keep me on her side the flist and follow my posts, thats up to her.

As for the Butch woman, well she is all or she is nothing!




  1. I do actually agree about Butch women, but I have good friends in person who have transitioned and are happier now.

    B-F took that money for my subscription out of my bank account, so yes I am still a member. To me it is important to try and give another outlook in which it is OK to be a Butch Woman...I agree not to much avail.

    I am not at the point where I hate everyone who does not agree with me, but I understand you are looking at this from a completely different standpoint being Butch and maybe not having people you respect and love who have trasitiyoned. I will continue to read the blog if that's OK, you post some great articles. I completely understand that you would chose not to read mine.

  2. There is no "transitioned", it is lifelong disorder under the current "treatment".

    I dont "hate" anyone. I hate power abusive detrimental regimes from which ignorance springs. And if I loved and respected someone, I'd see to it they got real help rather than drugged and mutilated for life.

    But none the less feel free to read/comment. Perhaps you learn something, perhaps not.



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