Friday, April 17, 2009

Warning-RAPE triggers...Hetero-Mtf homophobia and the killing of gay Mtf men

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There are a couple of important issues I want to address with this post. First lets start with the obvious, male privilege and deception.

Living under patriarchal regimes there are two things etched into all females; men can rape you and men can kill you. Generally this isnt something our mothers sat us down and discussed with us like sex, instead it is something so pervasive in everyday society that every female becomes keenly aware of it by girlhood despite the its unspokenness. So by the time puberty kicks in we're all well aware of our vulnerability to male violence and rape even if we've never experienced these things close to home.

When we're (women) picking fresh fruit from the produce section of our local grocery store and a man smiles at us, while the smile may be nothing more than a "hey I think you're cute" smile, rather than simply enjoy another finding us attractive, while we might feel flattered, in that same moment we feel fear and wonder whats behind the smile. And if Mr Smiley happens to show up in the frozen food section the same time as us smiling his smile.... Now granted its broad daylight and we're in a public place with people all around, yet because of the frequency of male violence and rape against women/girls we feel an uneasiness still.

What does growing up in an atmosphere of the constant threat of male violence and rape against women/girls do to women? It causes us to edit ourselves in the presence of men. Usually by our late teens we're so accustomed to editing ourselves it almost feels dare I say natural. Men on the other hand come into this world holding all the cards, regardless of race, class or later religion.

Men do commit violent acts upon other men, including rape, but due to continued homophobia its rarely admitted or discussed. So males grow up thinking little or nothing about male violence and rape against themselves as a real possibility and statistically they dont have to. Of course there are always male bullies who bully the nerd or the "sissy" boys in school. And while this bullying can be and is terrifying, the males being bullied arent likely concerned about being raped or murdered, and the threat or perceived threat against them is usually one other male and a small group of males, not males in general.

This false sense of security male privilege manifest in men, coupled with homophobia is precisely what got Matthew Shepard murdered after all! And I say that not to minimize the responsibility of the men that murdered him, but to give vox to what allowed a small young gay man who had previously been beaten and raped to leave a straight bar with two straight men he didnt know; the assumed indomitability of male ownership of male privilege! It is also this male ownership of male privilege that allowed Mr. Zapata the shear freedom to blatantly and perhaps thoughtlessly lie about his sex and sexuality which led to his horrific murder as well.

But I believe when we narrow down the abuse, rapes and murders of Mtf men, there is a little more going on than male privilege and homophobia. There is a serious threat coming from within their specific community (the trans community), a whole other homophobia which the gay community is largely exempt from. Unlike the gay and lesbian community who share at the very least one common denominator, our sexual orientation. The TG community is made up of various sexualities, but dominated and directed by one; heterosexuality!

The largest group occupying TG communities, are autogynephilic males, who through male privilege and male appropriation default to a "lesbian" status by their appropriation of "woman" and their retained attractions to women (hetero). The largest group of autogynephiles are white, upwardly mobile Mtf men. Like society in general they of course rule the roost, and like of course general society (hetero-patriarchal) are variously staged homophobes.

These Mtf men do not suffer from body dysphoria, they did not mistakenly "feel" themselves to be girls when young, they werent effeminate boys, they were typical males with typical boyhoods who at some point began masturbating with womens apparel (usually underwear first). A fetish develops which leads to "cross dressing" which for some leads to TGism. These Mtf to men do not have the natural effeminacy homosexual Mtf men have. They do not have the sometimes delicate features homosexual Mtf men have either(a "passing" bonus). Autogynephilic males do not feel they were "born in the wrong body", their TG journey isnt about "matching the outside with the inside" as the disorder is with homosexual Mtf men, instead for the straight Mtf men it is about the creation and ownership of man's IDEA of woman not for themselves but AS themselves for masturbatory fetishary reasons.

So within the TG community if we look closely a multitude of prejudices and inequalities unfold between hetero Mtf men and homo Mtf men that in the end harm (and sometimes kill) homosexual Mtf men. Hetero Mtf men are not only afforded their male privilege, they are statistically afforded, straight privilege, white privilege and class privilege that statistically homosexual Mtf men do not possess. We do not see hetero Mtf men prostituting themselves in order to pay for their TG journey, we see instead primarily men of colour prostituting themselves to pay for their TG journey. We do not see straight Mtf men going to "pump parties", we see homosexual Mtf men of colour attending "pump parties", some of which have died because of these parties.

Yet for all the obvious advantages straight Mtf men have over homosexual Mtf men, there is something the autogynephiles seriously lack that homosexual Mtf's posses, the ability in some cases to "pass" and "pass" without all the perks money can cosmetically buy. But despite all those perks hetero Mtf men rarely if ever "pass". "Passing" has different needs for straight Mtf men as it does for homosexual Mtf men. Homosexual Mtf men desire "passing" because as they're performing the male idea of "woman", they "need" to "pass" in order to attract a man, a heterosexual man. Hetero Mtf men will will give their left nut (and right) in just the hope of "passing" because it is essential to their masturbatory fantasy of themselves as "woman".

Similarly to the female competition patriarchy creates in women, "passing" creates a hierarchy and competitiveness between straight Mtf men and homo Mtf men leaving the straight Mtf men in the dust. It is this "passing" competitiveness coupled with straight Mtf homophobia that equally creates the situations for which homosexual Mtf males are being attacked and sometimes murdered. Straight Mtf males will gladly use these deaths for their own personal political agendas, but because they themselves are homophobic they do nothing to prevent these attacks/deaths from happening!

I liken it to the Reagan AIDS era, according to Reaganettes it was a disease that was "killing all the right people", meaning homosexual men. The homophobia that kills homosexual Mtf men is something that works to the advatage of the straight ugly "unpassable" Mtf males in trans power positions. The more that are murdered the less "passing" competition, the less homosexual Mtfs, the less Mtf's of colour, the less lower class Mtfs. All things the white middle class autogynephile wishes to be erased from his TG community.

If the hetero Mtf males who are clearly in power TRULY cared about their community, they would be issuing online and RT warnings and cautions to their homosexual Mtf counterparts who are generally the Mtf men who face the most potential for danger. They would be advocating to homo Mtf males to be cautious with new partners and most of all be HONEST, long before any sort of intimacy has the chance to occur. And without a doubt they would be at the forefront of the gay and lesbian movement to eradicate homophobia everywhere. But they havent, they dont and they wont because they have no desire or need to confront let alone change their own homophobia!

So the next time you read about another man beating to death an Mtf male, and you're ready to assign complete blame on the murderer, remember the leaders of the TG community are EQUALLY responsible for that death!


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