Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Trans appropriation of the intersexed along with a transtwisted analogy

Is there no limit to what the trans propaganda machine will use in order to legitimate its mental disorder???

The "harry B. syndrome" is a fictitious "condition" sprung from the disordered minds of autogynephiles. Harry Benjamin's name and the Intersexed condition have been arrogated to licit "born in the wrong body" credibility by straight middle class white Mtf men.

Using their patriarchal male given privileges Mtf men have went from linking their fictitious nonsense with the Intersexed to over running Intersexed communities, forums, groups and serious studies that could benefit those truly born intersexed.

If you think I'm exaggerating try yahooing or googling "intersexed". Nearly everything that comes up is "trans" related, and much of that trans pornography! All the fucking while Instersexed babies are continuing to be ignorantly mutilated by a malecentric penis-too-small-girl/clit-too-big-boy sexed medical establishment because the Intersexed movement which is struggling to change that ignorance has been transjacked by the pathological narcissistic!!!

Intersexed babies are suffering, Intersexed children are suffering, Intersexed adults are suffering and the progress to put an end to that suffering is being muffled by white hetero privileged males who put their masturbatory fetishes before all that suffering in order to justify their own selfish disorder!!!!

There is much blood on many hands already, more blood will be spilled through needless mutilations, more hands sopping red, the worst among them being the trans apologist, their hands are fucking dripping of it! One can only surmise the vast number of future Lady MacBeth's this post modern, post queer, post feminist cultus is creating.

They however do not and will not have my sympathies, those are reserved for those truly in need!


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  1. That's why, when you yahoo and Google "intersex". All you find is trans related crap and crap that doesn't even deal with the intersex.

    What's scary about the trans community, is that they are using the HBS excuse just like the race and gender card. They are claiming HBS is an intersex condition and using the HBS excuse as a way to enter and run over the intersex community.

    As an Intersex, HBS is not a recognized intersex condition and no intersex group, medical community or the scientific community ever recognizes HBS as an intersex condition.

    It's like you said, it's nothing more than another one of the male trans wrapped thinking and logic. Their using their male power to over run the intersex community with this HBS crap and thinking that every intersex will accept it, but in reality, no intersex will accept it as an intersex condition.