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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Spoken like a true Mtf MAN

Fair use capped.

Irony: a white MAN crying about lesbian- "dyke"-"womyn" appropriating the "trans" community while proclaiming to be a "feminist"!



  1. Now we know the answer to this question: "When is a Feminist not a Feminist?"

    The ingnorance in his post is agrrevating. The reason Feminists use womon/womyn is to show that we don't need to have men's help in naming ourselves. We are not incomplete without men. A fact totally lost on this man.

    It's obvious also he has a distain toward womyn, feminism, and womyn's mysteries because he can't truly take part in them. He hates womyn's space because he doesn't understand their sacredness. Plus, he knows he doesn't belong there. He's jealous. Sad.

    Thanks Dirt for exposing this kind of crap to the light of day!

  2. This is like a conquistadore getting pissed off because the Maya ate banana off their own trees and then charging them with theft and having bad attitudes.

    White men never change whether they are in armor, three piece suits or dresses on Greenwich Ave..


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