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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Mtf/s attack the mentally challenged

Fair use capped from a recent comment here that I'm capping rather than releasing for the sake of making a point up front.

This is one of two comments I received from the autogynephile known as "zoe brain". It is in response the to the post I made yesterday regarding the intersexed female "nicky".

I am not sure what "zoe" is talking about when he says my letting "men in", but I suspect neither does he. To date there have been, nor are there any men in or involved in the NRLFF. This blog inst the NRLFF this is my blog, a personal blog and many Mtf men have commented here as has he (zoe) in the last 2 years.

As to "taking" nicky on as "one of" our "own", this too makes no sense. From the onset of the NRLFF ( late last year) the group has had uncounted private discussions regarding the transjacking of the Intersexed community and all agreed it important to speak out against trans appropriation where ever we find it.

Specifically concerning "nicky" it became apparent shortly after she contacted the NRLFF for help, after being trans-attacked on multiple sites, that while we believe "nicky" to be intersexed, we also believe her to be retarded or borderline retarded. We of course make no judgment calls regarding this matter, merely a state of opinion based on conduct and content.

So while I and NRLFF member Blade were rightly angered over "nicky's" thievery of our name/words, we were/are much more upset over the trans treatment of this very likely retarded person. In the week I've had contact with "nicky" she has inundated my email box with links to various places that she has been arguing her "cause". I hadn't really bothered with many of these links till this morning after receiving "Zoe's" comments. And what I found at every single link were Mtf men making fun of, making light of, dismissing, laughing at, taunting, jeering and all around assailing "nicky" for her "lack of intelligence" in one way or another!

As someone with a retarded brother, the ugly vile actions of these Mtf men are infuckingexcusable and frankly make me fucking retch! This is nothing more than sport to these Mtf Men, except instead "kick the can" they're playing "kick the 'tard"!!!! Common sense (which TGs lack btw) would suggest to just about anyone simply ignore "nicky" and proceed with what you're doing, she'll get bored and move on. But even the ramblings of a borderline mentally challenged person challenging TG ID sets into motion a crack into the fantasied foundation ID which each Mtf man relies if he is to protect his faux ego from shattering!

It is clear from these hideous assaults that no amount of faux female hormones can ever truly create female empathy in men! It is also clear just how fucking low the TG community will sink in order to deny their own mental illness!!!!


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  1. True to transsexist form, Zed Brain jumps to wrong conclusions and employs sleazy tactics in the process. This time in regard to the NRLFF and Nicky.

    Zed Brain and company adhere to a strict patriarchal code: All is fair in politics/personal disputes, especially the over kill of a lone, vulnerable woman who offends their vanity or sense of entitlement.... In the home, this is called domestic violence. In the LGBTQ "community", it’s called trans activism.

    The transsexists never disappoint. They always resort to patriarchal power and control tactics. Every time they open their mouths, they put the "feminine essence" myth to rest. No self-respecting "woman", with any degree of consciousness, would EVER behave as they do. No person with a genuine understanding of oppression would either. Transsexist deprived narcissism dressed as "oppression" NEVER "passes" – except with other narcissists.

    By way of a clarification....

    Intersexism and transsexism ARE NOT THE SAME THINGS. There is absolutely no research that bears out the false supposition that transsexism -- or "HBS" -- is a form of neurological intersexism. This is simply another transsexist myth based in pseudo-science. Intersexism is a medical condition, and verifiable. Transsexism (GID) is a psychological condition, diagnosed solely on the basis of a psycho-social evaluation (i.e. which is based in a entirely subjective, personal narrative from an individual seeking wish fulfillment). Increasingly, trans narratives are being shown to be less than accurate, seeped in personal mythology and, all too often, staged.

    By way of further clarification....

    The NRLFF is a woman identified, lesbian Feminist organization. We do NOT admit men - including TGs or intersexed individuals who identify as male. We do ally with intersexed individuals who are committed to resisting transsexist appropriation of intersexed identity and/or nomenclature. We stand with any group resisting transsexist colonization.

    Nicky was wrong to post under the handle "Dirt". She was wrong to lift my commentary without permission or citation. I don’t presume to know what her thinking was in this regard. SHE HAS APOLOGIZED. In addition, there are factors that mitigate my reaction to what Nicky did. These reasons are entirely personal, they need not influence anyone else's take on the situation.

    As far as I know, Nicky is an immigrant from Vietnam (?) who spent time living in a displaced person camp before immigrating to the USA. One can only imagine what that was like.... As an immigrant myself, I know that cultural fluency is not innate – it’s something you learn the hard way, by trial and error. Lord knows I, make cultural gaffes all the time as an immigrant, Latina/WOC from a poor urban background. Whatcha gonna do but roll with it.....

    Nevertheless, I believe I had advantages that Nicky did not have.... I suspect I arrived in the USA at a younger age than Nicky. Youthfulness makes cultural transition easier.

    There’s also the issue of linguistics. Nicky, like me, is not a native speaker. Language affects concept formation. We often come across as not very swift, or slow on the draw. I may have had advantages that Nicky did not have in regard to linguistics, too.

    It’s probably easier for a Spanish-speaker, like me, to master English than an Annamese-speaker like Nicky. Spanish and English are Euro-based languages - Annamese borrows heavily from Chinese and other Asian dialects. The Vietnamese wrote in Chinese characters until the French colonial rulers imposed a "Vietnamese alphabet" (Latin script) on them. I can’t say for sure, but I suspect it’s easier for a Spanish speaker to learn English than someone from an Asian culture. (Hope I'm not being flat out ignorant, here.)

    Literacy and formal education are always issues for immigrants like Nicky and me. Writing skills and the particulars surrounding issues like plagiarism are not things one picks up in the street or a displaced person camp.

    I can’t even begin to imagine what it was like to have all of that AND Kallmann Syndrome, too. I know from reading Nicky’s blog that her parents withheld information about her Kallmann Syndrome until she was a teenager. I'm sure their intentions were good. No one can possibly understand the unrelenting apprehension new arrivees live with as they try to eke out an existence in a new land/culture. You try to make yourself as inconspicuous as possible, if not entirely invisible. Who knows if Nicky’s parents even had rudimentary health insurance with which to address her intersexed condition and related health issues?

    These are the things I weigh when I consider Nicky’s behavior.... Ultimately, she hurt herself more than Dirt or me.... By comparison, the transsexists' hegemonic Nicky feeding frenzy is far more reprehensible to me. They used Nicky's lack of sophistication and cultural fluency against her. How white, privileged!

    By comparison, it's easy to see where the transsexists unearned, dominant culture privilege took them.


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