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Monday, April 6, 2009

From a MAJOR Mtf Website

Fair use capped.

This is a word for word article from a known trans website. The website was created and is ran strictly by autogynephilic males.

This article was linked and is being discussed on several different "trans-academic" news groups. (and NO I am not kidding!)

Not only do these men hate their "junk", mutilate their "junk", they're practicing JUNK science in order to justify their "junk" ideas!

As a lesbian and a radical politically minded lesbian I do not want to be associated with a selfish community so out of touch with reality they're now using Veterinary Medicine to establish some far reaching links to explain the causes for their paraphilic behaviors!!!

I call BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!

Lesbians have a higher chance of getting breast cancer than straight women, why are millions of dollars being wasted on JUNK science by a group (T) that claims to be a part of the gay and lesbian community??? Could this money not better be spent on improving treatments or a possible cure for breast cancer or AIDS???? The trans community has no problem whatsoever withattacking on gay and lesbian groups for positions that might momentarily benefit more gays and lesbians than trans, so why arent gays and lesbians speaking up about this bullshit??????

Big fucking deal, a trans-ENDA gets passed and its perfectly legal for autogynephilic men to use the ladies room with our daughters, meanwhile GAYS AND LESBIANS ARE DYING EVERY FUCKING DAY!!!!!!



  1. This reads like something out of the spoof, THE ONION.... Leave it to Veterinary Science to come up with "the definitive answer" - LOL.

    But it doesn't answer the question why the CDs/TGs/Trans aren't stampeding dog grooming parlors to get FiFi 'dos.

    Betcha a dude at Eli Lilly Pharma is already working on a anti-parvo/cross dressing inoculation. (Surely the Mormons and Evangelicals will be heavily investing in that potion.)

    Some fool is now going to argue that this mythical dog virus proves that transsexism is a "medical" condition. But wait, so is clinical depression a "medical" condition by that criteria. Clinical depression is, after all, linked to faulty firing synapses in the brain. Nevertheless, depression is still considered a psychiatric disorder BECAUSE IT AFFECTS MOOD, SELF-REGULATION and CONCEPT.

    It gets more bizarre by the minute.

    How 'bout this.... Let them all go to a shopping mall/dog grooming/SRS/Vet clinic on an island and stay there. Anything to get them away from the L/G Movement.

  2. As funny as the Onion is, whats funnier is the moron (bred) who couldnt wait to run over here from MF!

    We now know where Bread


  3. That article is an April Fool's joke, which is why it sounds like something out of The Onion.

  4. So where does Bred live.... If you say NY, I'll piss myself.

  5. I think we should save revealing Bread's personal info for the perfect moment. Yes?

    Oh and btw this post is linked ALL over the Can we say moronies??? I think we can!

    On a more serious note, if two wrongs dont make a right, what does a joke of joke to obtain specific info make??? Genius???



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