Monday, April 13, 2009

The average "straight" BF couple?

Fair use capped.

A random sample from the random samplings of your typical random couple from your typical current Femme-Butch website.

At Femme-Butch sites everywhere this is what is occurring, straight women in transition back to heterohood and tweener dyke women in transition to an idea of heterohood by means of cosmetics, coupling until the straight women complete their transition.

Now I'm sure you're probably asking yourself what does any of this have to do with Femmes and Butches, so I'll answer you with a resounding NOTHING! If you can show me any Femme-Butch space realtime or online that actually has to do with Femme/Butch lives I'll buy a hat and eat it or worse wear it!

Femmes and Butches have been shoved aside and beaten into submission to make room for "queers" i.e. fucked up straight women and equally fucked up dykes! Both of which who are quietly eroding Femme/Butch herstory with revisionist queer/trans dogmashit as I write! Appropriation is thy name, is the queer/trans mantra and lord forbid any Femme or Butch woman who dare to shine a torch in the corners of reality illuminating the REAL truth!

Do not think for a single moment that I am exaggerating the precariousness of the situation. Femme-Butch vernacular, space, herstory and identity is on the verge of extinction by appropriation. I am of the mindset that nothing short of a "Manhattan" type project to clean house and reestablish our Femme/Butch pasts and presents will ensure the possibility of our futures.



  1. Dirt, I would LOVE to hear some of your words about what butch/femme is in your opinion (rather than what other people say that you think is wrong). I just really don't understand what you're getting at with it, and I would like to know. Are you going back to the writings of Joan Nestle and the bar community pre-Stonewall? Or what? I would like to understand and felt bad that we all jumped on you over at Margaret Jamison's before hearing your perspective.

    I'm going to keep reading in case you have addressed this in an older post I haven't gotten to yet.

  2. The Femme/Butch community as it stands now is not Femme/Butch. It is a male-centric imitation of Femme/Butch which also is littered with Mtf men, ftM women and a myriad of straight women.

    While 50's Femme/Butch communities had their good points, they were still chock full of internalized misogyny and sexism.

    So while it is important for Femme/Butch women to reclaim their rightful spaces that alone isnt enough. There are reasons male-centrism dominates the current landscape, Butch invisibility and misogyny primarily.

    I am interested in putting a face on Butch women AS women, as well as removing the male-centric language used unnecessarily as Butch descriptors which are hurting Butch women and are partly responsible for some of the distance Butches develop from themselves as women.

    If you have specific questions please ask and I'll do my best to answer.


  3. Dirt,

    Have you read "Dykes Loving Dykes" by Bev Jo and Linda Strega? It was self-published in 1988, and is probably still around.

    I knew Bev Jo years and years ago, and remember them writing the book. They write extensively on the subject of butch oppression and femme privilege.

    I think you would enjoy the book.

  4. No mary, I dont believe I have read that. I'll have to check it out.