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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Two ftM's invade lesbian "ladies night" at gay bar

Fair use capped.

Let me first say before morons lose their fucking trees, I DO NOT ADVOCATE VIOLENCE!

BUTTTT I understand fully in this case and similar cases the reasons behind it. I imagine its only pure idiots who cannot see the fucking TRANSparency of the situation!

For those fucking idiots I'll clarify: Despite being in the 21st century, lesbian owned and operated bars are still few and far between. Therefore lesbians depend on gay owned and operated bars for "ladies/lesbian only" nights to find for a few small hours out the myriad of hours that occupy ones week some lesbian space with which to be lesbians with lesbians.

What did these ladies get instead during this particular lesbian night?

This ftM woman with another ftM woman. Obviously at the very least the woman seen here is likely to be presumed to be male.

And I dont know a lesbian alive who it doesnt just BURN the fuck up to see straight men in lesbian bars male gazing them like they're pornographic objects!

Its sickening and fucking disgusting and can take lesbians to places inside themselves they would prefer to not revisit, at least not while they're out trying to have a good time.

I'm presuming here, but I think it safe to presume that the two ftM women who went into the "lesbian only" night bar are lesbians themselves. Although like most ftM lesbians they're too afraid to venture out into hetsville (even though they're "men" and choose to remain sheltered by the lesbian community. And if my presumption is right these male looking ftM women used their newly "male privilege" to ignore the "lesbians only" sign.

Continuing on with my presumption, these two ftM women hopped up on artificial "T" (which the ME still has yet to full study the effects of this drugs long term use on women), went into this bar looking to "score" or at the very least gawk at the lesbian women there. Obviously after a night of drinks and having to deal with the "men" gawking at them, some of the women there took it upon themselves (bravo to them btw) to say/do something to these two "men".

After that we only have one side of the story, that being the story from one of the ftM women. So what really happened is anybody's guess. One thing I can say for certain is if these two "men" cannot handle a situation with a couple of dykes I pray for their sakes they never get into with a couple of guys! Sheesh! Give these "men" a sugar-tit will ya!



  1. You don't advocate violent? Oh, but "bravo to them" for repeatedly punching someone who by your own logic is another woman at a gay bar? In another post you make jolly about the murder of a trans woman and all but say she deserved it. I'd say that when violence suits your personal delusions, you damn near fetishize it.

    You're disgusting, Dirt. You are a stunning example of everything you claim to hate about men - misogyny, victim blaming, arrogance, a love of macho douchbaggery, and juvenile ignorance. This is obvious to everyone except you and the other three members of your club. Meanwhile actual radical feminists are cringing at your perversion of radical feminist doctrine. Do you see why everyone thinks you're a closeted ftm? You act so much like a stereotypical dude it's hard to believe you're not.

  2. Transparency isnt your cuppa tea either I

    Its obvious the "bravo" was in reference to the women questioning the "men"s presence during "lesbian night", not in the alleged fight that took place afterward.

    But let me say you having already found these women guilty based soley on one ftM womans (mentally disorderd) allegations lets hope you never end up a juror! In case you didnt notice this incident took place in AMERICA, remember innocent until PROVEN guilty! But I guess with "trans/trans advocates" along with everything else reality is suspended.

    That last line of yours, if you've ever thought to actually ponder why most men and women develop the trannysim disorder? THATS why! I couldnt have said it better myself. Thank you!


  3. Enough with the male co-option and colonization of lesbian/woman space. It's not like they don't have other places to go.

    Any lesbian woman who condones this new age colonization or passively sits by as it happens, is lesbian in name only -- she's a collaborator.

    Hopefully, this incident is a LESBIAN STONEWALL moment.

  4. This is really really sad. I can't even think of anything intelligent to add. I just am repelled by all the male, masculine, men etc references used as if these persona are a desired goal, a club to brandish and swing at any butch woman who attempts to claim a place to stand as a woman - and reflects back on those of us who love butch women. I am not hetero-sexual. I don't want a man or faux man - and they paint all with one brush. It makes a mockery of the women's community.
    I am just so sad.

  5. I my self am a hetero -FTM and have experienced Hate from lesbians women. My experience with the lesbian community is that about 50% of them are acting out with another woman because they were sexually tainted by a male in their family or otherwise. Then there are those so called older butches who never transitioned. Most of these are the haters to ftms. There is a FEAR that lesbians have with REAL male energy. Not FAKE or temporary acting out male energy like a butch. in other words "playing a role" instead of committing to something that is REAL in your self.r

  6. I am a hetero ftm and have experienced hate only from some lesbian women. Its usually the butch and older ones who never transitioned. THere is a FEAR of looking in the mirror. Its like the difference of being a fake-male instead of COMMITTING to that which is. Take the step and get real. Say your sorry and move on with your life. Do the time what ever. Just suck it up and be a man. If this trivial crap is what lesbians are all about it drab and boring, drama, drama. Get a life.


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