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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Trans Camp recruiting young members into its Folds

Fair use capped.

Trans Camp, this is just the sort of thing the gay and lesbian movement needs to be associated with! The recruitment of young people into a trans disorder, surrounded by trans disordered adults!

It is a known fact young folks feeling ill at ease/confused/intimidated/pressured with sex roles/body image are in danger of developing some form of BDD which increases if influenced to do so. (think pro ana/trans sites)

Now imagine having a child between the ages of 8-15, (a difficult time in the best of times) exhibiting interests/gender play typical for the opposite sex according to historical/current patriarchal stipulations? Big deal right? So little Josie likes playing with trucks and wearing board shorts or little Buster enjoys playing the "mom" while playing house.

Enter "trans camp"! And the next thing you know the parents of josie/buster are sending them off to "trans camp" where they might find other kids they "fit in" with. Now if this was "gender neutral" camp fine and dandy, but it isnt. This is a camp that rather than challenge gender scripts will only reinforce them! The trans community's entire system is a reinforement of strict gender roles through role reversal. In the end one simply gets straightjacketed in a different role! And that straightjacket will be strapped, taught and tied at "trans camp"!

This particular camp will be ran by adults suffering from the trans disorder, including autogynephiles. Men obsessed with masturbating in womens undies to the point of SRS are not exactly men who should NOT be influencing impressionable children!!! Children who in all likelihood if given a bit of space and freedom would grow into healthy women and men. The only thing to grow from trans camps/groups/communities etc is more disorder! Disorder now being directed and aimed at our young and most vulnerable.

Mark my words, programs such as these will later come back to bite the gay and lesbian community in the ass. Because when reason and common sense are restored regarding TGism, the first to be blamed for the drugging and mutilations of tens of thousands isnt going to be the medical establishment, its going to be gays and lesbians! Because we will be the ones accused of "knowing better" due to propinquity!

I think and thank god I grew up in a family and time that gave me the latitude to grow from a small tomboy into an adult Butch woman.




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  1. why so bitter? did your exgirlfriend run away with a transwoman?


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