Monday, March 2, 2009

Pathological Female Shame

I get friended and unfriended with regularity and rarely could give a fuck when I'm unfriended because obviously those folks werent really friends to begin with, merely nosey nellies. And while I'm not heartbroke by this one, I am saddened and concerned for the reason this young woman unfriended me. The reason being the slow development of her pathological hatred of herself as a woman physically.

She was years ago a seemingly insecure mild butch growing into herself. I say "mild butch" because I believe her to be an actual Butch, but a Butch with a mild masculinity, unlike the "soft-butches" who arent Butch at all, merely tweener dykes at the dykier end of the spectrum. Like the soft-butches, many mild Butches feel insecure about how their masculinity measures up to say a hard Butch or even manly males. And while I do not know the details add to her masculine insecurity, child sexual abuse.

All too often that particular combo in women (mild butch/soft butch + child sexual abuse) ends up spelling an identity crisis known as ftM. In the case of this particular woman (MBB) she like many before her is emphatic she "only wants" her "breast removed", she's not interested in "taking T". I've no doubt simply by her actions of removing me from her friends list alone that she will be on T by year's end.

One of the first things TG's do in seeking TG cosmetic changes is once they begin going forward and the pathological narcissism of this disorder kicks in they remove any and all obstacles in their way, i.e. the voice/s of reason. In her case namely me, because I had brought the voice of reason to a mere two LJ post of hers where she expressed her desires to get her body cosmetically mutilated in hopes of some illusionary pipedream which as voices of reason we know NEVER transpires.

There is one more piece to this puzzle which has placed MBB on her current TG path, two specific websites which both promote TGism: and MBB is a member of both and a regular poster at both, as well as a long time member of The creation and evolution of her disorder can be easily traced/read at both sites(one merely has to search her name). Like many other mild Butch women and soft-butch women, they join as some form of Butch and end up some form of malecentric TG ftM women. This scenario has become all to common at both these malecentric women hating sites and strongly needs to be stopped.



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