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Saturday, March 28, 2009

MySpace "Flirts" and Butch Invisibility

One of my nieces (sammy) sent me this "flirt" app. at myspace about six months ago. I added it to my page not really thinking much about like the other apps she sends me. (I rarely use/update myspace)

I don't recollect how often I get these updates, but every so often I get an email with a list of my "flirts", this is a typical example of the "flirts": ALL MEN! I don't recall one flirt from a women/lesbian, not a one. However I've had hundreds from gay men.

If I didn't receive any flirts I could merely chalk it up to being seen as something uglier than Freddy Krueger and a sloth's offspring, BUT I'm clearly getting flirts, but from men only!

Being a Butch woman of course I deal with my share of invisibility on an ongoing basis. But I don't think its a coincidence that Butch women have/are growing more invisible as the "trans" movement become more VISIBLE.

There is a presumption from within and without the gay/lesbian community that if a lesbian is a Butch lesbian she will likely "transition" to a faux male caricature because there is inherently something "wrong" with her. Because she is a different kind of woman it is assumed she isn't a woman at all! Trans-propaganda only goes to further this notion which inauthenticates HER woman!

All flavours of Butches are being mistaken for males, future ftMs or ftMs in denial more and more often because trans-propagandist clutching their well worn copies of Butler's Gender Troubles underneath thier arms would have us believe there is only one way to "do" male and one way to "do" female. Butch woman not only prove these rigid constructs wrong, inaccurate and fallacious, we give truth to BEING and not the trans performative DOING!

It has become increasingly clear that the fight for Butch visibility MUST begin with the fight against the trans-propagandist reifying of strict gender norms!



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