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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Multi Mental illnesses of Tgism

Fair use capped.

See here's the thing with the TG disorder, in much the same as other disorders its sufferers replace their ID with the disorder. So then when something threatens that disorder (even in the form of help) it is viewed by the sufferer as a colossal attack on their identity(rather than the disorder).

A diseased ego still has the capacity for self preservation. No disorder=no self=no life=death.

Which is why once a TG/GID "diagnosis" is a attached the sufferer feels relief and for a short period of time and an artificial sense happiness. This occurs when the replacing of the self with disorder takes place. This artificial happiness and moments of high is why therapists are deceived into believing the current "treatment" for the TG disorder is "helping", because they (the therapists) witness an "improved" state of being in the sufferer.

What they (the therapists) don't see is what takes place when the TG sufferer leaves the office. Between every juncture of change the TG sufferer spirals downward into depression and feelings of suicide. Our personality may be forged at a few years of age but our ego, our consciousness is a growing mechanism whose pleasures and potential for pleasures is based on new experiences. When that ego/consciousness is replaced with the TG disorder instead of a growing/evolving consciousness, the TG disorder mimics its host (the ego) so in order to experience pleasure/future pleasures the disorder grows and along with that internal growth a pathological desire for an external seeable growth emerges. In the TG case that seeable growth consists of cosmetic mutilation in the form of drugs and "surgery".

But what happens when the disorder/ego can no longer grow? When drugs have reached their farthest seeable conclusion? When cosmetic mutilation is stretched to its utmost feasibility? Death of the ego is a death of the self, what then is the death of that which has replaced the ego?



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  1. That's why your seeing a lot of trannies and HBS creeps fake intersex so they can get their fix. They misuse and misappropriate the intersex name, so they can get their needed fix.

    They seem to figure that once they start faking to be intersex, they will easily and readily get what they need because under the APA's rules, intersex is exempt from any TS/HBS DX and intersex people are not allowed to be cared for by a shrink. They automatically get cared for by an Endocrinologist.

    So what they do is fake being intersex and fake having an intersex condition so they can get what they want. That's why I believe in DNA testing and using DNA as a means to validate ones gender.


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