Friday, March 20, 2009

Mtf mens sexual harassment of ftM women

Fair use capped.

If it isnt obvious I'll can tell you straight away this article was written by a so-called female TG expert. Needless to say it is precisely because of these "experts" the TG disorder continues to be misunderstood and mistreated.

That said, Mtf men's frequent and reoccurring sexual harassment of ftM women and ftM womens repulsion of Mtf men is one of the many little secrets the "trans" community would prefer to stay hidden.

Both groups prefer secrecy around these issues because both groups would like the adherence to their sex/sex roled conditionings which remain ever intact even after "transition" secret, because it undermines their reality (born in the wrong body) and the belief in their reality.

What it boils down to is Mtf men harassing ftM women in much the same way they harass any woman whom they desire or whom gets in their way and ftM women deferring to Mtf men in just the same way most women defers to male authority as well as rebuffing Mtf male attentions in the same way lesbians rebuff Mtf male attentions.

Its a given that any ftM woman who seeks women as lovers was/is a lesbian. It is also a given that any Mtf man (autogynephiles) who seeks women as lovers is a straight man. So regardless of the mind games both parties may play with themselves and regardless of the cosmetics invoved in their mental olympics, lesbians do not under any circumstance find themselves attracted to hetero males as love interests.

BUT Mtf men, being men, remaining men are accustomed to male privilege and its many many perks, therefore again and again they bitch and moan and get aggressive when women (even women who believe they're "men") reject them!

And the real kicker here is the author of this article who claims to understand and "treat" both Mtf men and ftM women bascially admonishes the ftM women for their rejection (can we say SEXISM)! She cannot see past her own patriarchal conditionings to protect/embrace the REAL males here: Mtf males!!! How dare these ftM women reject the aggressive advances of Mtf men! ftM women should be more understanding and patient with the poor Mtf males, come on ftM women dontcha know "boys will be boys"!!!

What this ignorant woman does not understand, that Mtf men know all to well is standing passively by waiting for ftM women to approach them they will be waiting a LONG LONG TIME as in NEVER! LESBIANS no matter their disorder DO NOT DATE MEN!!!



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