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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Mtf Men now set sights on co-opting a motherhood site

Fair use capped from a well frequented Mtf man's blog...

Just as the autogynephiliacs have defaulted to "lesbian" with their heterosexuality they are now defaulting to "mom" in their fatherhood roles.

It is sickening enough that the ME is granting those sick in mind to destroy themselves with drugs and mutilation, the ME takes no steps to protect the children of these men.

Imagine the disordered messages and unreality these children are being brought up in that are surela breeding ground for disorders to numerous to list!




1 comment:

  1. No shit. I forsee the next generation -- raised by these deluded folks -- will rebel against "queer" and all it encompasses in the same way so many of THIS generation is just rebelling against their second-wave lesbian-feminist moms. It's all a fad really and people will start to abandon it just like so many lesbian-feminists abandoned their supposed principles when the going got tough.


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