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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Mtf man tries to join WOman ONLY gym area

Fair use capped.

It makes absolutely no difference what shape a man decides to cosmetically alter his cock and ballsack, men penetrating womens locker rooms, bathrooms, fitting rooms and all private female areas is psychologically raping women!


Thank god this man is choosing to fight for his female patrons, far too often as we have seen, male privilege gains Mtf men access to nearly all things female.

It is primarily the autogynephiles thrusting themselves into womens spaces and private arenas and as the Mtf man in question perfectly fits the bill I think it safe to assume he is your typical autogyne. Mtf men accessing womens locker rooms amounts to legal PEEPING. Heterosexual men who've taken their fetish to an extreme being legally permitted masturbatory material in the flesh!

Despite how far women have come in the domain of sports because of the continued misogynistic attitudes of men regarding womens physical capabilities many women do not feel comfortable exercising in the presence of men. That being the case, how comfortable would any woman feel UNDRESSING AND SHOWING in the presence of men??? I for one would NOT! I dont care if that man is gay, straight, white, black or has cosmetically altered himself into the latest Barbie or Ken doll, HE IS STILL A MAN!

So should it suddenly make a difference to women if the man in question changes the little "m" on his ID card to a little fucking "f"????




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  1. The highschool up the street from me has a separate washroom for trans kids - they leave the girls washroom for girls, and the boys washroom for boys. mtf and ftm can the same washroom. The only ftm I knew who went there was completely nuts. She threatened to sue the school for not allowing her to change her name - I believe 4 times in a week. Far as I could tell it was an attention getting thing.


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