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Friday, March 13, 2009

Mtf man regrets SRS

Fair use capped.

More trans (autogyne) regrets shows its fearful face.

Who know how many many trans regrets are truely realizing their mistakes but remain living those mistakes because they did not want to hear "I told you so"???

Where they allowed their single minded blind narcissism to narrowly lead them, many TGs now let their "pride" stop them from correcting to some extent their pathological mistakes.

Just as the TG community consist predominately of autogynephiles, so to does the pool of trans regrets. And so long as ignorant uneducated TG apologists and academics back the cruel inhumane ME's "treatment" of specific mental disorder/s trans regrets will continue to happen and with greater frequency as "treatment" becomes ever more available.


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  1. This is a tragedy. What is to become of this person. I worry for him.

    I did not miss his comment about wanting to play sports, but not doing so because he believed it was something a girl would not do. This is gender constructed thinking and he became a victim of his own misogyny.

    Very sad.


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