Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Mtf man "better 'woman' than women"!!!

Fair use capped.

I received this little ditty in my email this morning from an anonymous mailer.

I'm told this is from a popular "trans" forum and is typical of the "anti-female" attitudes/responses by the Mtf men there.

Clearly this was written by an autogynephile. This is typical hetero male conditioning, a woman is worth only as much as she can physically appeal to the male gaze. If she cannot be objectified for male consumption she isnt even worthy being labeled "woman"!!!

What is twistedly disturbing with Mtf autogynes is they apply their own male conditioning, male gazed, female objectified ideas of woman to themselves in the guise of "woman"! Because these ideas of women only exist in the minds of men, Mtf autogynes loathe themsleves because nothing they do, no amount of faux female hormones, no amount of cosmetic mutilations, close shaves, electrolysis, make up, feminine apparel, NOTHING brings them within the realm of woman in general let alone their male conditioned idea of "woman" that doesnt exist!

Rather than turn their anger and disappointment towards themselves for not meeting their own unrealistic ideas of "woman", through their male privilege coupled with misogyny they instead externalize and attack women! Women who regardless of race, size, class, hair, height, smell, age etc will ALWAYS be something they as men cannot be: WOMEN!




  1. This man's post makes me so angry.

    Who is he to comment on a woman's appearance? It's male privledge. I just love how the Mtf community uses it when it suits them and denies it when it doesn't. It's pretty obvious that this man has never faced prejudice or discrimination based on appearance and just seems to love to propegate stereotypes. No wonder we womyn have a hard time breaking them.

    He is ignorant, arrogant, shallow, and narcissistic. No amount of hormones and surgies will ever fix that. That's true ugliness.

    Real womyn don't need anything extra to be beautiful - they were born that way - they were born womyn. Real womyn don't have to put on an act. We don't support stereotypes. We seek to destroy them.

  2. Yep. There it is, right there, no matter how much the transadvocates try to make themselves seem all cutting edge and cool and soooooo above sexism.

    They're fucking steeped in it. They're woman-haters.