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Friday, March 13, 2009

"lynn" Conway-erasing/raping herstory?

Fair use capped.

I wouldnt dream of begrudging this Mtf man his contributions in the 'puter field, BUT the raping of our herstoric landscape I do fucking mind, I mind A LOT!

There are no shortages of "successful" autogynephiles. I mean hell, white, usually raised middle/upper middle class, heterosexual and male, having all those advantages definately increases ones chances for success regardless of what shape you later have your cock and nutsack changed into!

BUT with success and with their reshaped cock N ballsack men do NOT have the right, nor do they have the NATURE to be herstoricalized! That my friends is solely reserved for WOmen!

So if we're (women) not careful, not paying enough attention, not crediting each other when we should be, when our future daughters are asked to write a paper on a famous woman that "woMAN" might be a man!


ps it must be said, the idea that conway is "stealth" and achieved his "successes" "stealth" is ridiculous. One merely has to glance at the guy to clearly see he's male, and if there were the slightest doubt the clincher of course is when he opens his mouth! HELLO! DUDE alert! So dont think for a minute his male privilege didnt help score a good deal of his "success".


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  1. Really, you think L is obviously male? I thought L was supposed to be one of the better-passing mtfs out there, due to all the fracking surgery L has had!


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