Monday, March 16, 2009

glbT "special rights"

Fair use capped from a personal email.

This is the garbage that makes me as a lesbian highly concerned. It it yet another reason the "T" must be seperated from the gay and lesbian community.

Like most gays and lesbians I am not interested in SPECIAL RIGHTS! I simply want, desire and fucking deserve EQUAL RIGHTS! Since Stonewall gays and lesbians have been accused by numerous groups of fighting for "special rights" in order to attack, discredit and distract from our inequality amongst straight society.

This kind of outrageous nonsense (private toilets/private showers/special housing/special searches etc for trans criminals) WILL be used as proof of the "special rights" gays and lesbians have been accused of asking for all along because the trans T agenda is attached to the gay and lesbian movement!

Every single item on this ftM woman's list for ftM women crims is completely unnecessary and wholly speaks to the fact that ftM women are in fact WOMEN! Or women when it suits them to be more accurate! And women in the eyes of Mtf men as stated by the author herself regarding Mtf male crim needs getting all the attention. Well ladies just because you paid your 25$ and got the state to change your "f" to an "m" does not mean you will no longer experience sexism. Mtf men continue to treat/view ftM's as women regardless of how they view themselves. FtM women only disseminate sexism by lying to themselves that it no longer applies to them.

The progress gays and lesbians have made in the last 40+ years has not only in some areas slowed to an infantile crawl, it has stopped altogether in order to accommodate the "T" which has piggy backed the gay and lesbian movement for the last 20 years. With the exception of "gay marriage" all pressing issues regarding the glbT are "trans" related issues which as seen in the case here are non-issues. Issues self created in order to fulfill personal familial storylines against strict gendered backdrops. None of which has a single thing to do with equality.

But believe me you, the general public associates EVERYTHING trans related with gay/lesbian. When TGs are fighting for what amounts to "special rights/special privileges" this plays right into the hands of gay and lesbian detractors. Detractors who have the money, power and influence to paint gays and lesbians into a trans corner tarnishing every word that comes from gay and lesbian mouths!

So when we're on the front lines fighting for equality, society will be standing by measuring our legitimacy with a trans ruler!


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