Thursday, March 19, 2009

Butches and Fairys now equals "Trans" in student study

"Trans" student study pigeonholes Butch lesbians and fairy fags as "trans"! WTF???? I am fucking outraged by this pure ignorance by the so called "gay/lesbian/STRAIGHT Education Network!

This study makes no fucking sense, it state "transgender" youths are targeted more than gays and lesbians for various forms of harassment, yet throughout the study those being harrassed state their harrassment is "homophobic" in nature? Which is it, "transphobic" (which isnt mentioned as happening) or homophobic???

It is obvious from this article alone those being harrassed are Butch lesbians and effeminate Fags! Girls and boys who are born and live outside of patriarchal appointed sex roles does not in any way shape or form relegate those kids to trannydom!

We know for a fact that the majority of the trans community consist of males. Of those males the majority are heterosexual males. (usually white) While those males may likely develop the beginnings of their fetish (playing with pee pees in mommys undies) during their teen years, they will RARELY admit it during those tender years. We know the majority of "trans" females are women who are 1) usually lesbian and 2) predominately tweener. (think softball/sporty/andro dyke)

Both dominant groups of women and men who occupy the "trans" community do not appear "trans" as children/teens. There is little to outwardly suggest any obvious differences between those who develop the "trans" disorder while young and that of other young persons. Therefore it is HIGHLY likely that the "trans" kids targeted by this "study" are NOT "trans"!!!

What I see happening with "studies" that target "trans kids" reminds me of the McMartin preschool panic back in the 80's! The very same LEADING questioning techniques previously used to question children regarding molestion are now being used to question children/teens suspected of TGism! WHA? These questions are used to illicit answers that will peg these children/teens of TGism. This accomplishes several things, the child/teen is strapped with a disorder they do not possess in order to free the parents of the horror of having been responsible for raising a child/teen who does not fit into a prescribed sex role! OH NOEZ!

The targeted kids are not kids who would develop the "trans" disorder without MAJOR prompting by adults/adult trans propaganda. And the only kids being targeted are kids who can easily be identified by adults as not "naturally" (there is nothing natural about sex roles) falling into female/male predetermined sex roles. In a nutshell, masculine females and effeminate males (lebians/gays) are the targets because their "gender differences" can be spotted by adults.

A disorder that is dominated by, propagandize by and organized by WHITE STRAIGHT MEN is now erradicating the young lives of lesbian and gay children!!!!!

I for ONE will not take this sitting fucking down!



  1. This "article" is total BS....

    I made two comments over at the 365Gay website.

    What have you been doing while I've been doing the heavy lifting? Chewin' ice no doubt - Jeeze !

  2. Great job!


    check your mail, I have a question.

  3. What a sickeningly homophobic and sexist so-called "study" the very dubious Gay Lesbian and Straight Education Network has cooked up. KIDS WHO DO NOT CONFORM TO STEREOTYPICAL GENDER ROLES ARE NOT TRANSGENDERED. Kids who defy gender stereotypes are not "defects" or "born into the wrong body" or "disordered" and requiring MEDICAL TREATMENT. This so called study is the most hateful, sexist, homophobic thing I have ever seen from the mouths of so-called allies. This study labels children who exist free from gender stereotypes as ILL, DISORDERED, SICK. This study alleges that girls that don't look or act "girly" and boys who don't look or act "boyish" SHOULD BE SURGICALLY CORRECTED. How nauseating that is. I call these kids who don't fit stereotyped gender roles EVOLVED not TRANSGENDERED. The Gay Lesbian and Straight Education Network instead proposes that these kids should be SURGICALLY FORCED INTO "ACCEPTABLE" GENDER STEREOTYPES AT THE END OF A SCALPEL. I shudder to think of my middle school friends (who now live quite happily as proud non-typical men and women) being forced/coerced into this "Gender Identity Disordered" - DISORDERED!!!!- philosophy being pushed on them by ADULTS and SO-CALLED ALLIES. Gay and Lesbian people have always been despised for non-conformity to gender stereotypical roles. And now Gay and Lesbian children are being ELIMINATED MEDICALLY, like some crazy genocidal scheme to ELIMINATE those who do not abide by sexist misogynist misandrous patriarchal gender rules. Rules NOW BEING POLICED by those who allege themselves to be OUR ALLIES.
    GLASEN deliberately conflates "NON-GENDER CONFORMING" (their term) with "TRANSGENDER" in this "study", by their own admission. And THAT is the HEIGHT of HOMOPHOBIC and SEXIST HATRED- COMPLETELY INEXCUSABLE!!!
    According to GLASEN, "Gender Non-conforming/Transgender" students reported MORE incidents of SEXUAL ORIENTATION harassment than incidents of harassment due to GENDER EXPRESSION. In EVERY category across the board. Duh! STOP accusing Gay and Lesbian Kids of being DISORDERED AND DEFECTIVE! Being "Gender Non-Conforming" has NOTHING- absolutely NOTHING to do with being Transgender or Transexual. As any Trans person will tell you, Transgender is a psychiatric disorder requiring medical and surgical treatment so a "gender non-conforming" person can obtain TOTAL GENDER CONFORMITY at any cost. Stop attacking our Gay and Lesbian kids and their "gender non-conforming" beauty by conflating them with a disorder that requires medicine and surgery to become "gender conforming". THANK YOU.

  4. The definition of "transgender" from GLSEN:

    The term “transgender” refers broadly to people whose gender identity may not be consistent with the gender they were assigned at birth, including individuals whose gender identity may not conform to the binary gender system (e.g., a person who identifies as neither male nor female).
    Transgender may also be used as an umbrella term for all those whose gender expression is considered inconsistent with their birth assigned gender or sex (i.e. those who do not conform to “traditional” notions of “appropriate” gender expression).


    so fucking sick that they designated all "inappropriate" gender expressions as pathological.