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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

"butch voices" spokes woman a tad

Fair use capped.

So I get this email in my facebook account from "butch voices" looking for Butches to send them "submissions" and by submission they mean only bother submitting papers that reflect current queer theorist misogynistic malecentric binaried IDEAS of Butch. Dont bother submitting anything that actually reflects Butches as women/womencentric.

I as you can see exchanged a few polite emails with this "female IDd butch" (I know laughable right). Laughable as well that she feels I'm defining a word that has long since been defined (masculine born lezbos) because she's obviously bought into the retardedness of post moderns queer theoried respin on Descartes "I think therefore I perform"! Try again!

I then popped on over to the "butch voices" website and fair use capped this which sums up their nonsensical notions of masculine women:

According to the website's definition/s ANYBODY can be a Butch! One of my cats (Ari) is a bit of a tomboy maybe I'll see if she wants to submit something!



  1. Holy Shit. If you hadn't posted this I never would have believed it. "Butch Voices" seeking submissions from men?!? Men who "i.d." as Butch?!? WTF.........
    Fuckin' ill, man.............
    These skumbags should be ashamed of themselves. This is the same "wish you were a man because you aren't a stereotypical female" BULLSHIT that most butches have been fighting their entire life by the mere fact of their existence. And now men are butch? Hahaha! Then what do you call a butch if men are now butches? Oh- that's right, you stated it above: "Female "ID'ed" Butch". Haha! "Female ID'ed Butch" implies that some butches are NOT female. And that is the HEIGHT of misogyny, homophobia, and sexism. How DARE these men state that butches are not "real" women? Or that butch women are somehow on some continuum of maleness??? So fucking sexist and sick. Butches are women, PROUD FIERCE WOMEN who defy SEXIST WOMEN-HATING STEREOTYPES! Thank god the whole stale third wave feminism bullshit (as if deconstruction is really a wave of anything) is finally breathing it's last breath. Too bad academic gender idiots are the last to know....
    "Butch Voices" seeking men who "ID as" Butch. Jesus. It would be sad if it wasn't so woman-hating. Maybe it's just a small group of women who followed the "transition" trend in the 90's, desperately clinging to their dyke roots now that they've realized they've made a terrible mistake because they are incapable of completing their "transition". I hope so. But either way it does not matter. Because the "4th wave" of feminism is here. The one that will free all women from stereotypes and patriarchy, WORLDWIDE. The so-called third wave will always be remembered as a total failure and hiccup really, in the movement for equality for women. It's grave will be riddled with the bones of upper-class academic self-centered traitors. But it will be a very small grave. Amen.

  2. Call me crazy but I was "friends" for a short spell with this TOTAL fucking wack job who claimed to "love butches", in reality she only used butches as mirrors (yeah I'm thinking STRAIGHT

    At any rate she (this self proclaimed lover of butch women) had a problem because the NRLFF's mission statement/message when mentioning butch and femme read "femme/butch" instead of the typcial patriarchal "butch/femme"!

    I mean HELLO! Anyone home! If some who claims to be a lover of butches dare not measure themselves as a Femme equal because heaven forbid they may "cock-block" themselves from receiving butch attention by insevure butches who've bought das boot? WHA??

    And Femmes wonder why Butches have the issues they have! Sheesh!


  3. Yes, I remember that.

    Why on earth would any self-respecting butch get insecure over putting femme/butch instead of butch/femme? Doesn't make any sense to me. It actually feels bizarrely gratuitous. When I catch a whiff of that, it sends my trust packing. It's sexist gender play. Blech!

    To this Butch Voices outfit.... They're mostly insecure butches from The usual suspects. The ones who can't tolerate hearing what woman-identified butches have to say because it sends them into insecure convulsions about their "masculinity". That's the femmes' cue to jump in and "mommy" them.

    I think they were trying to set you up. It's one one of their favorite ploys. What Gilligan calls "mean girl behavior". You know, they seduce you into engaging, then they drop a pail full of pig's blood on your head. Their version of "butch". Ozzie and Harriet does Carrie.

    This is what internet constructed butch-ness looks like, 'cause if you meet these people in person, you end up sayin' - which butch, where?

    This isn't First Wave, Second Wave, Third Wave - it's not even micro wave. These losers wouldn't last two seconds in my RT circle. Some femme would deposit them at the curb because they can sniff out a perpetrating butch at 100 yards. The butches/studs wouldn't be bothered. They'd just give them their back.

  4. good grief, dirt! who is this numbnuts anyway? is she kidding? it’s obvious she didn’t check it out with her “butch brothers” before contacting you. lol. i wish i could be a fly on the wall to see the faces of the steering committee when she brought up that she contacted you! good ol’ joe and the beloved aj probably blew gaskets.

    i perused some of the pictures and i absolutely love how they’ve perfected the art of trick photography; the kind that can make you look like you weigh A LOT less than you actually do and can make you look slightly more attractive. but it’s all smoke and mirrors.

    i went to a function with some of these people and the things i saw would make your toes curl.

    the average weight in the room was 265 easily.
    the average height for butches was 5’2.
    the transmen looked like dykes, not men, though one did look like mickey rooney.

    my tall good looking butch was accosted by the femmes in the room and ended up covered in fat femme sweat. eeew. she said she would NEVER go anywhere like that again and since she was the one being preyed upon, i had to concede; though i can’t understand why being sweated upon while listening to bad early 80s music is such a bad thing. really, who could resist that?

    butch voices? ha! probably butch voice and a bunch of ramblings from a bunch of confused self-hating women.


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