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Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Butch participates in the call for Butch Voices

Fair use capped.

I guess "butch" voices is spamming craigs lists with their search for "faux butches who hate women, hate themselves as women and only come to 'male' pronouns when called".

A link to this "submission" was waiting for me in my mailbox when I got up this morning by an untraceable email account.

I've omitted from what city this craigs lister's post came from as well as the listers email addy in order to protect the innocent. We all know how rabid the TG disordered and TG apologist get with womancentric reality based truths and I did not want to see this brave Butch attacked.

I dont know who she is but personally I'm proud of her for speaking up and I hope any Butch or Femme for that matter who peruse craigs list and comes across the "call for faux butch submissions" steps up to the plate and like the proud Butch woman above knocks one out the ballpark!

Proud, lofty, majestic Butch WOman



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