Sunday, March 8, 2009

Autogynephilic invades Femme/Butch "social"

Fair use capped from a major HBS site.

One simply has to read this post to clearly see why this man is IDing as a male gazed "woman".

That aside I think its safe to assume from his comments about femmes/butches he's dissapointed in the "lesbian single" attendees.

Its also safe to assume he knows absoultely nothing about femme/butch with the exception of how to invade their personal spaces in typical male privileged form.

I particularly find it interesting that he feels the need to note the Butch women there do not He cannot see past his narrow pathological masculine equals male/feminine equals female conditioning! Butches are WOMEN NOT MEN! They do not need to pass as men or feel the need to pass as men BECAUSE THEY'RE NOT MENNNNNNN, THEY'RE WOMEN!!!!! Jealous much????!!!!!!

And the "objectification" garbage is some serious fucked up! He's there to gawk at lesbians and HE'S concluding femme/butch is nothing more than "objectification"? WHA? Spoken like a TRUE MAN! It does clarify why men can and will NEVER be WOmen doesnt it!


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