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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

another autogynephilic sees the light of day

Fair use capped.

With the advent of modern outlets provided by the internet (forums/chatrooms/journals etc) we're starting to see more and more about cases involving autogynephilic regrets at their transitional SRS mistakes.

There are no statistics on just how many A. men regret and later "transition" back, back to the extent that they can that is. SRS regret continues to remain a hush hush subject and is only beginning to be discussed by trans groups themselves.

In trans groups both online and realtime A. men who express any regret are usually swiftly quieted and delt with by other A. males. That quieting often takes the form of verbal harassment and/or dismissal/banning/ostracized from said groups.

Not having the camaraderic platform with which to express their now clear heads, many trans regrets will go back into therapy only to be urged by said therapists to continue in their present "trans" state! The medical establishment does not want to hear/acknowledge trans regrets anymore than trans groups. Sadly this leaves trans regrets lonely, desperate, depressed and in some cases suicidal.

The timeline for "C"s regrets I would wager is typical for the trans regretter. Their penis excitement is what ultimately leads them to transitional SRS in the first place and their lack of penis excitement (due to SRS) is what ultimately leads them back. Unforutnately "back" has its limits, "back" equals too little too late.




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  1. I think for a lot of men who wish to be women, there is a very large element of sexual fetish, which they will not realize will be gone after they start HRT and cut their boys off.

    Not all, but a lot. Maybe most.


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