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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

SRS Medical Mutilation

Fair use capped.

SRS reversal is a TG area where zero studies have been accumulated like most everything else TG.

It is also a HIGHLY toxic area in ALL TG communities/forums both online and RT. Any person who has taken steps forward towards TGism and later glimpses a sliver of reality's light through the deranged bars barring the private paranoid members only TG communities/forums/centers etc, and QUESTIONS even slightly that THEY and THEY alone personally might have made a mistake is immediately attacked, accused of not having been a "real trans" in the first place, silenced then ostracized.

I think our ex-president took his motto from the TG community "if you're not with us, you're against us" in true pathological paranoia psychosis state! The TG disorder is so tenuous that even a TG individual questioning the "idea" has to at all cost be stilled. Because reality like the oxygen we breathe looms all around us, the slightest intake can crash cart this disorder into cardiac arrest!

Which verifies what many have questioned for decades, given the flimsy nature of the TG disorder why is the ME continuing to "treat" this MENTAL disorder with permanent PHYSICAL mutation/mutilation??????



  1. When and where I came up, gang tattoos were the thang. It was a big part of how you "advertised" who you were and what you were about.

    I have one, myself on my left bicep 3"w X 5.5"h. Fortunately, it's a nice tatt, well executed. I still love it.

    HOWEVER, I can't tell you how many people I know who have come to regret their gang tatts. They are harsh looking, not well done and/or they speak to a lifestyle, many wish to leave behind. Some have had them removed - OUCH!

    You do things when you're young, or at certain point in your life, that you come to regret.

    I can't imagine what it's like to have SRS and then come to regret it. I know this is not as unusual as some would have us believe, though it is forbidden to talk about it.

    Shame on those who do NOT talk about it. Double shame on those who won't allow them to.

    I hope this person sues the hell out of the doctor, and that the case is well publicized. Maybe it will be a cautionary tale for doctors and patients, alike.

  2. You actually use LifeSiteNews.Com as a source? I didn't realize that you were a decent Godfearing Christian woman who opposes the evil international Homosexual Agenda and who also opposes a woman's right to choose. I somehow had the impression that you were a lesbian, who the editors at LifeSiteNews.Com would like to have "cured" of your lesbian "affliction."

  3. Nice try fruitcup, try again.



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