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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Mtf = "man in a dress"

Snipped and fair use capped from a recent yahoo Mtf discussion group.

If you take a moment (difficult though it may be) to look past the rigid sex roles and blatant sexism this guy exhibits, you can clearly see what I have been saying from the get go: No TG person actually believes they are the sex they claim they are.

When all is said and done, nature ALWAYS has its say.



  1. Yeah well, it's important to be dressed for the occasion.

    Maybe we could create a line of trans fashions for different activities. Like trans phonewear, computerwear, kitchenwear, etc..

    They would all be monogrammed with HIM and HER. Every garment would come with Velcro Xs so you could cross out one, or the other, gender at will.

  2. This could work with Sporto's idea of us started a Vic-Tranny. Kinda like Vic-Tanny's 'cept for trannys, well at least Mtf's.

    There would be a gymming area, a spa, electrolysis/hair/make-up/make-over/waxing/tanning would be offered. And we would also sell workout clothing, thats where your idea would come in.

    You in?


  3. Cool --- I'm in, fer sure.....

    I could set-up a wig and hair extension boutique in the corner of the gym. Like a drop off service while they work out. We could issue them do'rags or bonnets to wear while they workout.

    A pedicure service would be good, too. My Boo and I are very big on proper foot hygiene and care.

    Maybe an arm pit vending machine in the other corner for the whiffers.

    Really, the possibilities are endless.


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