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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

More reason to rid the Femme/Butch community of straight women!!!!

Fair use capped from a site that claimed to be "All about Femme". Obviously that claim is false from this post alone!

This is a clear picture of what has been going on in the Femme/Butch community for the last 10+ years.

Straight women who for a multitude of reasons have left heteroville for dykesville, only they're still playing it STRAIGHT!

Given the issues Butches develop (insecuries about their bodies/femaleness/butchness etc) due to their continued invisibility within and under patriarchy, and the blatant reluctance of the damaged straight women occuping the Femme/Butch community to view/treat Butches as anything other than MALE (you can take the straight girl out of hetville, BUT...) is it at all surprising AFTER dating one of these damaged straight women that some Butches trannify?

I firmly now believe Butch trannification has more to do with the hetero invasion of Femme/Butch spaces than with invisibility. Butches have been dealing with invisibility since the dawn of the very first dawn, without opting for trannification. Even in times before the heteropatriarchal medical establishment began drugging and mutilating folks into heteroism, Butches were not "IDing" as "male". Butches were living as women, being women because they are women!

Granted due to Butch invisibility, growing comfortable into their womanness took a certain amount of maturity on the Butches part, love, guidance and assurance from Femme friends/partners as well as positive Butch role models within each established Femme/Butch community far and wide.

Then along comes queer theory, a reinforcement of hetero gender norms and the hetero woman invasion! Next thing we know, men are women, women are men, men are diapered babies, women are anime figures and damaged straight women are coupling with Butches and treating Butch butchness as male masculinity, further confusing/harming Butches!

But these damaged straight women are MORE concerned with maintaining THEIR heteroness amid a lesbian relationship than giving a fuck if some lezbo hacks her tits off and begins taking a drug that will foster the surface obliteration of herself as well as a drug that has yet to have any long term studies done!

Along with the "trans" i.e. male invasion of lesbian spaces, the hetero female invasion is also on the list of issues the New Radical Lesbian Feminist Front is fighting to change.

It may not happen over night radical dykes, but it WILL happen!


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  1. Good grief - if this isn't a case study, I don't know what is. What are these people doing in lesbian community?

    The default for not being able to establish successful relationships with natal men should not be some version of "lesbian". How did the lesbian community become a refuge of last resort for disappointed, dysfunctional, lonely straight women? Instead of looking at the socially constructed pathology of hetero relationships, that pathology is invited into our lives and our "community". If that's not a form of nihilism, I don't know what is.

    This is what happens when people reject Feminist discourse. Sexist, gender constructs about power and control and pathological dependency go unexamined.

    I'm not so quick to let butches off the hook. Gay, straight or indifferent, every adult has an obligation to themselves, for themselves. Pulling straight women is the measure of nothing except one's ability to go looking for trouble. It doesn't make you butcher-than-butch. It makes you emotionally immature.

    It's a failure on the part of lesbian community that these issues are not called out or examined. But then, lesbian "community" is not lesbian, anymore.


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