Wednesday, February 11, 2009

"he’s making himself a woman’s suit"

Need anyone say more?



    THAT is one of the most AWFUL, PUKE-INDUCING, yet concurrently HILARIOUS things I have ever fucking seen (and I've seen a lot!). Where on earth did you find it?!? A tribute to Ed Gein in latex...
    How often does one have the opportunity to SPEW CHUNKS in MID-BELLY-LAUGH?!? Not often I assure you. BEST POST EVAHHHHHH!!!!
    Forgive me, Shaye Saint John (Genius!). I just had to...

  2. Wuornos.... I had the same thought a la Silence of The Lambs.

    It's so totally YUCK!

    Can you imagine getting someone home and this is what you find under "her" high glam.

    And because of all this trans "deep stealth" and "passing" crappola, you might not know until you were in a clench. I would have to be blind drunk not to know, and as I don't drink....

    But let's say I was blind drunk, I confess, it would be hard to know what to do first. Deck the person or yell "rape". Probably some combination.


  4. Yanno I gotta say I loved these creepy "women-suits".
    The suits seemed like such an outrageously blunt instrument of transformation, transgression, and freakishness- with all the obvious malevolent objectification of females and overt misogyny -but so blatant that it leaves the realm of subtext and becomes the self-aware and ironic subject itself.
    Or so I thought.
    I wish I could have continued to be amused. But as I chuckled at the video you linked, Dirt- I made the mistake of clicking on that site for further investigation. One link later I was looking at an entire website of men wearing "little girl suits" and spewing voluminous sexualized fiction about the "pleasures" of their fantasized pedophilic rape and molestation. I guess there is not such a great leap between fetishizing the object of "woman" to fetishizing the object of "girl". I wonder how far the leap is for a grown male between obsessively constructing such an objectified (lacking humanity) fetish of women and little girls - to acting out some form of that obsession on the actual "objects" themselves.
    What does a man whose personal obsession is comprised of putting on a "little girl suit" and churning out legions of badly-written child-rape fiction THINK when he is actually interacting with a REAL little girl? Say, at the park or shopping mall???
    Turns out the resonance of the Ed Gein comparison is less ironic, and more eerily predatory and possibly criminal, than I had first imagined.
    I won't post links here, readers can easily find it themselves. Maybe it's good they are posting online- at least the FBI can keep track of them, although the one (and only) site I looked at proudly stated that they were hosted in decentralized fashion from multiple remote servers. Very very scary stuff, and not at all amusing as I had initially thought.
    Just an F.Y.I.

  5. I was wondering where all the "woman suit" comments were coming from. Now I know. This is just so creepy