Wednesday, February 18, 2009

female2M pathological deception

By shear coincidence Tracy Chapman's Telling Stories just started playing as I began this post..."There is fiction in the space between You and reality You will do and say anything To make your everyday life Seem less mundane"...

I cannot fathom the severity of mental disorderness in which a person would pride themselves for their ability to lie! It is this mythomania which plagues all TG persons and of which has yet to be studied by the medical establishment.

This mythomania informing TG persons for the "thrill" to toss caution to the winds and leap head first sans chute into sometimes unsafe territories. Instead of yanking TG persons back into the plane the medical establishment is pushing them to their deaths, both literally and figuratively!

Has the ME learned nothing from Freeman's follies??????




  1. FETISHISM.....

    Exhibitionism and voyeurism. A mix of fetishes that she has, in her confusion, "gendered" because of her sexual ambivalence.

    Reminds me of our recent discussion about autogynophilic females. I think she sorta makes my case, but as always, I'm entirely open to your insights.

    More and more, I'm convinced that Blanchard and Bailey are correct, though I still don't see SRS as the "solution". If anything, SRS cements the unholy marriage of misogynist gender constructs to biological sex.

    Queerists say they don't see biological sex and gender as one and the same, but then they go and do all that proformity stuff which contradicts everything they say.

    As a self-accepting lesbian, I can desire and be desired for who I am as a woman without shame or ambivalence. Performity not required, but optional.

    My insight for the day is this: Blanchard, Bailey, Lawrence's use of the term "erotic target location error" is right on the money. It's true for both autogynophilic males and females.

  2. Her thrill is in her head(pride), NOT in her pants(sexual). The only reason her pussy is dripping is because she's in the shower.

    An autogynophilic(male) would have experienced an erection and likely orgasm if in the same situation.

    Perhaps what you're confusing is the place where the autogynophilic(males) and packing females meet? In passing.

    Once the autogynophilic(male) takes his disorder to the next level (drugs which begin to diminish his sex drive/sexual response) he must begins upping as it were the ante. This is where the "full-time dressing" comes in.

    Due to the sexual response changes that are occuring from the drugs, his "thrill" has to be gained less and less from its origin(the penis) and more and more from his mind (mental excitement from "dressing").

    Like any experienced drug user will tell you, its all about chasing that first high. In the case of the autogynophilic, he is after that first high he experienced when he beat it to the tune of his mothers/sisters panties.

    At some point clothing/dressing isnt enough for the autogynophilic, so he begins with hormones and at a certain individual point that no longer is enough so on to the next step, SRS.

    Because the "thrill" of transition is focusing itself more and more away from his penis and more and more towards his mind, if he is to reach any kind of climax/thrill (in this case mental) he is at a point (due to the effects of the drugs) that he has become seperated from his penis,(at this point its a useless piece of flesh he merely uses for urinating) therefore he is ready for the next "thrill", perhaps the ultimate "thrill" he thinks: SRS.

    But once he has his surgery and is now (in his mind) a full fledged "woman", once that utlimate "thrill" is over and he has lost nearly all physical sensation/contact with his now mutilated penis whats left?

    Women's spaces. Since he can legally say he is a "woman", his "thrill" comes from entering places like the ladies room, womens sauna's, womens lockerrooms etc. But at this juncture the "thrill" is a largely mental thrill.

    It is this place that I think I see your confusion. Simply because at this point the autogynophilic's thrill is mental does not negate the fact that his thrill is STILL sexually motivated regardless of sexual response.

    The packing female does not begin packing because it is a turn on, she begins packing because of her insecutities revolving around masculinity. The steps SHE takes towards transitioning are not sexual motivated, they are in search of a greater masculinity.

    So because at a certain point the autogynophilic and the packing female meet seeking a "thrill" that is mental, it is only the autogynophilic(male) who is and remains seeking a sexual stimulation even if that stimulation is mental.


  3. I've heard females say they get a sexual kick from packing. Many in fact....

    It's always risky comparing women to men, even in this. But there are some similar aspects. Women can also be fetishists. The LGBTQ panoply has become a haven for all manor of male and female fetishists these days.

    Then, there's this business about "stones" - "stone butches" supposedly "getting off" primarily by doing their "pillow princesses". You and I agree that most of those claims about 'getting off" are plain BS, but it's still titillating for them. Maybe, that's what they think orgasms are - who knows.

    I do agree with you about the soft butch aspect. The ones into all that male mimicking business are stunningly SOFT. Could be why they're so obsessed with taking T - though many just end up looking like pudgy Mickey Rooneys with bad skin. It's a very strange look and their presentation is typically very stereotypical, Fonzi-like. Few natal men act like that and not get laughed to death. I guess that's why they have to be so collectively reinforcing. The older ones end up looking like Sister Charlie Bronson with a few sprigs of chin hair.

    So, I guess where we depart is that you see it as being solely about insecurity and I see it as being about both - insecurity and a phallocentric fetish.