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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Autogynophilic HBS/TS BS

A couple of fair use caps from two different HBSers.

HBS-TS's is a group of predominantly autogynophilic (hetero) males trying to legitimate their trans condition by co-opting intersex language including the "intersexed" term itself!

Because TGism historically and currently is intimately tied to Harry Benjamin and the Standards of Care Benjamin established to (in his mind) verify the "true transexual" from the "fake", this particular trans group co-opted Benjamin's name calling their brand of the "intersexed" condition a product of the Harry Benjamin Syndrome aka HBS. However Harry Benjamin and his Standards of Care (known now as WPATH ) does NOT endorse this brand (trans=intersexed) of GID theory.

There literally isnt a single original idea/notion regarding TGims that sprang from a trans mind that has not been co-opted from somewhere else, and that somewhere else usually being a minority/minority group. I believe this is partly due to the severity of their mental disorder/s and partly due to (white)(hetero) male privilege which reigns supreme over all trans communities. (and when I say male, I mean male, NOT disordered women on T)

And that prize creation (WBT-women-born-trans)the HBSers often use as a signifier?

Bloody hell, what poor demented loon of a mind did that one jump out of?

By their own logic that would translate to ftM persons!

And to Mr. dontcallmetrans, while it may be difficult to comprehend reason through the blur of your disorder I'll for a moment try.

In the same way you claim you're being "colonized" by the transgender groups at large? By YOU being a BIOLOGICAL born and raised MALE, each and every time you call yourself "woman", YOU are guilty of colonialism!



  1. Tell me about it. As an intersex person, I am pissed off that the TS and HBS loony's are Co-opting and Hijacking the intersex. What's even worse is that they are claiming to be intersex by way of HBS, which within the intersex community, no one recognize as an intersex condition.

  2. I feel for ya and the intersexed community. The HBSers are mentally disturbed on a whole other level.

    I hope the intersexed do not make the same mistakes the gay and lesbian community has made with regards to allowing the "trans" community to piggy back our movement. Because once they do, due to how this disorder operates, its only a matter of time before they will over take the group as a whole. Much like the african bees do to regular bee hives.


  3. That's why I'm one of few intersex born intersex who oppose to having trans within the intersex community. My logic and thinking is, that if you don't have a valid genetic condition and it's not proven by science, then your not intersex.

    What disturbs me is that you have a lot of trannies who are faking intersex and using the HBS crap as an excuse to enter the intersex groups and seek the protection of the intersex community.

    All i know is that a majority of the intersex community dose not recognize HBS as an intersex condition because there's no genetic DNA and there's no medical proof. That's why intersex people do not recognize trannies who claim HBS as an intersex condition to be an intersex condition.

    What's even far scary is that their are trannies who have already infiltrated the intersex community and claiming that HBS is intersex. They are already making a huge mess of things and I am seeing the results of what happens when you let people who do not have a DNA medical condition into a group and messing it up.

  4. ok am trans never claimed to be intersexed but am downright offended by your attitudes to the trans community. The word trannies is a slur nothing more. It should as such not be used. Would you appreciate being labelled by an insult?
    As for no scientific evidence of being trans, do your homework there is a growing body of exactly that. *sighs* guess ignorance even infects those who should have the common sense to know better.


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