Friday, January 23, 2009

The Twilight Zone Experience TTZE

A fair use cap from our favorite anime girl.

Jeez, where to begin with a post of this lusus naturae? Let me first say it is prime in illustrating postmodernism's e'er dilating universal pupil. Where instead of say Nerval who while searching for the eye of God found only an empty "socket", postmodernism invents an eye or a nose or a mouth, or even a god. This is both the draw and flaw of this clumsy ideology and Queer theory's feckless utilization of it!

Maybe in a world where only sound minds exist postmodernism could serve a beneficial purpose. But in this world, our world, where disorder reigns, postmodernism's "I can think anything true" motto only opens the floodgates up for individual pathological disorders adding to the already existing chaos. Deconstruction is about cleaving things down to the bone to expose the truth, it isnt about fabricating a constructed body from the nearest junk pile!

Since there is already enough illegitimate multitudinous argot spawned from the many copulations between postmodernism and queer theory's debauched encounters to make the Duggers seem like a typical family, I'd like to add one of MY own: The Twilight Zone Experience.

What is the Twilight Zone Experience(TTZE)? It is the Twilight Zone feeling that comes over one (and by one I mean any person living in reality) while being in the presence of "trans" reality. While on a COMPLETELY non brutal level I would wager it akin to a person who found themselves in the "holocaust" reality. That shaking ones head back and fourth trying to gain some sense of semblance from what one is seeing/hearing/smelling/touching/tasting, when words like Canada, liquidation or final solution no longer mean what they mean in les univers concentrationnaire.

This is precisely what has occured within this "trans" reality, any word or concept that finds itself within "trans" reality is potentially subjected to change. But the change ONLY takes place within "trans" reality, in reality itself the "trans" wonder-powers to alter words/concepts faster than a speeding bullet are kryptonited. This is where the "trans" community utilizes its confuse and concur tactics.

Take the above post as an example, in reality we have a heterosexual young woman seeking a male mate, it doesnt get any simpler than that right? But thats reality, in "TRANS" reality of confuse and concur what we have is a hetero woman who says she's a "male" seeking a male sex partner. BUT not just any male sex partner, she wishes to have a homosexual male sex partner.

Now in reality a woman who is attracted to/has sex with men (regardless of sexual orientation-think of ALLLL those faghags) is for all intents and purposes, a heterosexual woman. But no, this is "trans" reality, so she is ONLY hetero is she has sex with a hetero male, IF she has sex with a gay MALE she being a claimed "he" is now a "gay man" Do you hear the Twilight Zone music playing in the background now???

So good luck if you happen to find yourself homeless, hungry and standing on the corner of postmodernism and queer theory holding your cup out for a few coins of truth and reality, the truth and reality is you'll likely starve to death!


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  1. Are there many biologically female, bi-transman, cartoon characters who top, floating around?

    On while we're on the subject....

    Exactly what was Goofy, anyway? And what was Goofy to Pluto, I mean REALLY?

    Mz Anime is a straight fag hag regardless of how she tries to package it.