Sunday, January 25, 2009

The "straight" lesbian? Huh?

If you are in some way part of the Femme/Butch community and have wondered as of late why there are sooooo many (pathologic) straight women there, THIS is why!

Disordered women of Butch persuasion ignorantly believing that dating straight women will bring them closer to a hetero male existence. Many also ignorantly believing if a straight woman dates them they are "more" butch than other Butch women.

If such a Butch woman has sunk to this kind of mentally ill thinking and receives no support in helping her to understand her pathologically internalized misogyny, she will likely sink further into BDD and may seek drugs and cosmetic mutilation to temporarily ease her discomfort. And if she has landed herself a straighty, being a hetero said straighty will no doubt encourage her physically/mentally abusive route. That way our straighty doesnt have to "feel" like a lesbian while being a part of a lesbian relationship.

So when the relationship fails (and they ALL do because unless there is a shared sexuality especially a shared sexuality sans mental illness all relationships fail) miss straighty will either take up where she left off with men and/or go on to another Butch suffering from BDD and remain within the Femme/Butch community asserting her straight privilege.

Each and everytime the Femme/Butch community either ignores or "supports" Butch women's BDD they not only are commiting a horrific offense against the Butch/Butches in question they are also opening the doors for hetero-privileged straight women into the community. And as we have witnessed in the last 10 years or so those same straight women utilizing their hetero-privileged powers to colonize our community because they are too afraid to do it under patriarchy for fear of losing male approval!

That what you call "being a pussy and eating it too"!!!

While the bricks may be stacked against us momentarily, the New Radical Lesbian Feminist Front is tackling such issues as we speak. If you're tired of of what is happening to the Femme/Butch community, join US for a CHANGE!



  1. "Queer is the New Straight"
    Good post dirt.

  2. I just love how all the hardships and sufferings of our Lesbian fore- mothers are being thrown away thanks to post-modern theory and trans bs.

    Why we just start calling everyone a Lesbian and get it over with? I am so tired of Lesbians being marginalized by everyone - gay, bi, straight, and trans.