Sunday, January 11, 2009

SP's Three Women-Staged

When I first saw it, the small red seep, I did not believe it.

see poem here

I'm really not sure how I feel about this, the staging I mean. The piece itself I consider not only some of the most bang-up poetry of the 20th century, but containing some of the most fundamentally, clear and honest poetic feminist discourse in the form of the written word!

The second voice is who I am specifically speaking. Her voice at times is fierce, at other times physically painful in its mourning, and at other times still, nearly violent in its anger but it is ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS female! It is ultimately through her female body she forges a true feminist understanding of woman among a world of men and male supremacy!

From the very outset of her first utterance to us, every woman who has ever breathed, intimately understands the depth that that "small red seep" conveys. We may not want children ourselves, we may not even be able to carry a child, but through women's sheer multi-dimensional ever expanding interior universe that is absolutely essential for female survival amid patricentrism, all women all of us, KNOW down to our marrow we know that which the second voice suffers, which in itself IS dimensional.

Plath use of the second voice to juxtapose what truely is the flesh and blood core differences between men and women is pure discerning genius! It is through the lived experience of the female body which holds the potential capacity for multiple dimensions, that dimensions are created and lived! The single lived male dimension which can only create outside itself replicating its "flatness" is precisely why whenever we witness males straining to authenticate the muti dimensional they always come off as, trying. Think of an amoeba trying to authenticate a human, and there you have the MALE to feMALE organism.

The entire piece is genius, electric and utterly beautiful in its three dimensional motherhood experiences, but the second voice is surely the most lamentable.


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