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Saturday, January 24, 2009

my new "girl" friend???!!!

Fair use capped from my email.
On a myspace-like site I have a profile at, this dude wants to "friend" me!

Now I clearly have written and layed out the NRLFF mission statement along with various posts of mine, so there should be no ifs, ands or buts regarding my feelings for the "trans" disordered.

But this guy being like any other guy obviously searched "lesbians", saw my pic and clicked "friend". He didnt bother to read my profile, because his male privilege doesnt require him to do so.

His ideas of masculine and feminine which he likely derived from heteropatriarchy also ignorantly lead him to believe that because I appear masculine, I must therefore be "dominant". I say this because he indicates as much in his profile. As a Butch I know FAR more dominant Femmes than I have ever known Butches. And I am not speaking of who wears the cock, but nature itself.

This guy being hetero clearly knows nothing about lesbians nor the subcultures of lesbians. Again his male privilege gives him a free pass from having to know this info. Perhaps had he bothered to investigate such things he wouldnt be suffering from mental illness in the first place!

His actions distinctly outline his male privileged ideas of women. As he indicates in his profile he need not bother knowing/understanding/BEING a woman which begins and ends from the inside out. He like the heteropatriarchal "trans" males who make up the majority of the "trans" community simply needs to "transition" physically in order to blossom into "full womanhood".

I am reminded of a line from the lyricist Kerry Livgren's famous classic rock song Carry on Wayward Son, "if I claim to be a wiseman, it surely means that I dont know"!



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