Friday, January 2, 2009

I think this whole cap speaks for itself



  1. WTF?

    Her blog reads like an episode from the Twilight Zone.

    The lesbophobia speaks for itself. So does the narcissism.

    This is the same self-righteous genius who accused me of being an “able-bodiest” and “sizest”, knowing the whole time she was the one cruelly mocking big women?!?!

    Besides, many of the big women at BF don’t even ID as lesbian, so what’s her deal with singling out lesbians for particular ridicule? (But watch her squeal when anyone questions the stampede towards transgenderism?)

    By comparison, I simply asked a non-judgmental question: Why are so many of the women in the BF community obese? Why is that a crime – don’t they know? ....It was NEVER my intention to mock or make fun of anyone.... She’s one disingenuous, word twisting cosfaux.

    Dirt keeps saying this is what the transqueerists do - take thingss out of context, twist them, and then throw them back at you. Gottcha, but the lack of honor and hypocrisy still amazes me.

    But all of that aside....

    Her total disrespect for, and ingratitude towards, her grandmother is the thing that sets my stomach to churning. The good woman should kick that sorry-assed grifter to the curb – and, her tits, too.

    She needs to give-up her delusions about being a “man” and figure out how to become a decent human being.

  2. Blade, I was thinking the same thing. If any of my kids behaved like that I would invite them to leave - get their own place and do whatever they like on their dime and not on my charity. Why should her grandmother allow herself to be treated with such disrespect by this oppositional child-in-tantrum - in her own home? Why should her grandmother subsidize her need to mutilate herself? If she is an adult, as she insists - she should thank her grandmother for her hospitality and patience - and get the fuck out and be the adult she claims she is and take responsibility for her own basic survival needs - food and shelter paid for by herself. If she cannot but to treat her grandmother like a doormat - her grandmother owes her nothing!

    As for the "fat lesbians", one of my closest most intimate (straight) friends weighs about 400lbs - she's 6' tall - but still... She knows that her weight represents an unhealthy coping mechanism. She and I have discussed at length all the various components contributing to women's body image and self-acceptance. She belongs some groups of BBW and she is one of the smartest women I know - she understands much about her community and would never ever deny that it is an unhealthy coping mechanism that has is roots in deep personal issues. So - when Blade asks about why there are so many fat women in the b-f community - in my interpretation what I hear is that she is questioning the roots of negative and destructive body image - and as I see it - it is rampant in one form or another - size, transgender issues - in the b-f community.

    My friend has done years of work to accept herself and her size - just as she is - because she cannot deal with the roots of her coping mechanism to change anything - and i worry that I will lose her young - she is 40. But I don't hear any of this acknowledgement from the women in the b-f community - whatever form their coping mechanism takes. All I get are attacks and defensiveness. They cannot have a dialogue about this and they insist that they are not in some way in self-destruct mode with their coping mechanism -nor undermined by unhealthy body image. And they insist that we all see them as they see themselves - as making healthy and emotionally stable choices! I see them as having deep destructive issues. I see my friend exactly as see sees herself - and I love her and I worry about her.