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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

ftM's and unresearched T injections

Fair use capped from a major ftM community.

The medical establishment may be sir-ing and he-ing ftM women to their faces as they write them their T script, but are they reating them different than they treat any woman? That would be a resounding NO! Healthcare for women remains in many areas substandard to that of men and the trans population isnt fairing any better!

Besides the apathetic barbaric "treatment" the ME doles out to ftM women, they're totally ignorant as to the actual effects OF that "treatment"! Add to that, they just dont care. Its not as if the ME just yesterday began "treating" ftM women with faux hormones and havent had the time to research them. (granted all other drug treatments go through years and years and years of research before they ever reach the public....hmmmm wonder why that is)

The scary thing in this case, the case of ftM women and their faux T, they're not even guinea pigs! At least if they were guinea pigs research would be done in order to benifit future ftM women. But NO they're just a bunch of mentally diseased women who in the scheme of things arent any different than all women suffering under patriarchal systems. They dont count when there are men to be counted.

Any new trans "study" or trans "research" that is being done or has been done is primarily for the benifit of men, Mtf men. So even in this outlandish realm, men continue to reap from their male privilege while women continue to suffer from sexism and misogyny. Even women claiming to BE "men"!


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  1. OK, lets review.....

    We have five people, taking the same drug, with the same painful symptoms. Collectively, this is what they've came up with as solutions.

    - Stop masturbating
    - Up the dosage
    - Hope for a hysterectomy cure
    - Wear loose clothing
    - Change your diet
    - Change T-shot schedule
    - Tough it out and wait
    - Rely on internet advice
    - Accept your fate, 'cause we're experiments
    - See a doctor, but don't hope for much 'cause they don't know, or seem to care.

    What the......

    If five people had persistent, painful symptoms after eating a single Dirt Brand hot dog, the Agriculture Dept., the Center for Disease Control and local Health Depts would be all over the situation. Within hours, every Dirt dog would be pulled off grocery shelves across the nation. The media would be flashing non-stop bulletins. But because these are women taking T who see themselves as men in women's bodies - NADA.

    How about a little sexism, misogyny and medical malpractice with that dog, "Sir"?

    This has nothing to do with lesbians, either.


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