Saturday, January 10, 2009

ftM's and their PERIODS

Fair use capped from a regular ftM community.

I'll pretty much let the ftMers speak for themselves here and just say SERIOUSLY people, this is only a tiny tiny sample of what REALLY goes on behind the closed doors of a typcial trans community. We're suppose to believe dozens and dozens of women sitting around a forum chatting about rag products are "men"?

The oxymoronicness of ragging vaginal "men" is literally insane! There is a clear gulf between reality and the fantasy land these women occupy. That in and of itself is an understandable problem(they're disordered), but what isnt so understandable are the trans apologists who simply by allowing themselves to be robbed of reality reinforce the disorder that has lead women like these in the first place to further develop the alternative reality in which they both dwell, trans and trans apologist alike!


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  1. Oh by all means let's be "environmentally conscious" with our menstrual products while COMPLETELY IGNORING the incredible amount of waste generated by the medical system over the course of transitioning and getting shots every couple weeks for life!