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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

CIS-where disorder meets delusion

Fair use cappage!

The first cap is from one of our favourite malecentric misogynistic BF online communities.

The second cap is from a link given by the OP.

"Cis" for the non-trans literate refers to "bio" as in biological. This prefix is generally assigned to various words/situations-example-(sex/gender/sexist etc) by trans disordered and trans-apologist in place of "bio" in effort to dismiss "non-trans" ie non-bio or appease trans disordered. Basically just another "trans" tactic the trans disordered use in hope of solidifying their fractured identity by trying to displace anothers.

Holly's thread reads like a BIG much ado about nothing and likewise does her link, as you can see for yourselves. The entire thread is nothing more than a diversion, just as is the purported "cisprivilege" issue itself, a "look here and NOT there". There being legitimate gay and lesbian issues, or in this case Femme/Butch issues. At times I believe these diversions are thought out and calculated by the trans disordered, most often (as I feel with Holly's post) the diversions are narcissistic redirections away from gays and lesbians toward trans persons/"trans issues".

We know pathological narcissism is a prime factor in all trans disordered persons, so it stands to reason when we (gays/lesbians/femme/butch) see trans disordered yelling over us, as well as over themselves and each louder than the next, we shouldnt be surprised, its all part of their illness. So while we may sympathize with their plight, we shouldnt for a moment subjugate our legitimate issues (equal rights, equal housing, parental rights, marriage etc) for imagined issues ("cis"privilege, "cis"sexism").

Not developing or choosing not to develop this particular mental disorder IS NOT a sign of privilege. But choosing to fuel the fires that feed this disorder IS a sign of apathy!


New Radical Lesbian Feminist Front



  1. Heterosexuals took over that site- and the other one- long ago.
    Threads like: "Are You Straight?" (Yes, they are, apparently), "Singing the Praises of Trans Dick" (What would the reaction be to a thread titled "Singing the Praises of Femme Cunt"? Or "Singing the Praises of Steroid Enhanced Bodybuilding"? Or my favorite: "Going on E to Appear Less Butch and Pass as Straight". Try "Singing the Praises of Butch Women", even, LOL.) I propose that the site reaction to those similar thread titles would be negative. Only the heteros receive a "pass" for sexist, closeted, heteronormative bullshit. The whole subject of Butch Women bonding is taboo on that site. Any Butch Woman thread has been flamed mercilessly by males, men, and straight females, with full support of the site owner and moderators. Moderator and notoriously butch-woman-hating "boysenberry"/joectigger could not shut down recent attempts at Butch Women bonding threads fast enough- via fruitings and bannings and throwing up "In Praise of Butches-ALL Butches"
    (Because Butch Women bonding among themselves is such taboo and seen as somehow separatist, even tho bonding among straight men and male "butches" is seen as just fine, and not taboo at all. See "Boys/Men's Club", etc.)
    Threads about Lesbians from non-lesbians such as "Lesbian- problems with the word" (LOL!) are just fine. Try throwing up a thread titled "Genderqueer- problems with the word" and see what happens, lol.

    It finally seems to be dawning on even Butch Women anti-Lesbian apologists like xjackhammer, toughy, and bulldog that the site has now been completely appropriated by non-butch/femme heteros. Too late, fuckers! Too fucking late- you already attacked and banned all the outspoken butch women whom you should have embraced as allies. They are now doing the same to OBB (shame on you "toughy") for voicing her opinion that she and all Americans should not be forced to pay an annual fee to subsidize drugs and surgery to "treat" something that is not an illness. A lobotomy might "treat" BDD as well- but no one is suggesting that we pay for that. When some nutter shows up in the ER insisting that Drs. remove an arm or leg because "the devil is in it" (which DOES happen) no one suggests that the healthy limb be removed because it would allow the person to finally live at peace with themselves and "cure" them, and that we should subsidize their right to surgery
    because they "i.d." as a satanically possessed limb individual who was born in the "wrong" body.

    All the whining by the straight lesbianbashers cracks me up: They whine about how "cis" folks don't know how hard it is to be closeted and heteronormative. Hahahaha! Threads like "Are you invisible"? Where they whine about how "lucky" butch women are to be a walking billboard for "non-gender normative" every moment of every day. How "lucky" butch women are to be walking targets for every hetero and homophobe at every job interview, police traffic stop, and everywhere else we walk as warriors and out, proud BUTCH WOMEN serving as positive HEALTHY role models for young straight and gay and trans girls AND BOYS everywhere, by our mere (un-surgically "corrected") existence.
    There is no doubt in my mind that there are many organic, brave, heroic trans people. But most on that site are cowards who fled from doing the work necessary to create a peaceful future for the next generations of non-steriotypically gender binary youth. It's the same in Iran, where surgical transgendering is permissible but gays and lesbians are not. Gays and Lesbians are subject to death. But surgical "correction" to re-inforce the hideously misogynist gender roles is perfectly acceptable there.
    The whole "cisgendered" (lol) thing- that ONLY trans people get to speak on trans issues, surgical "corrections", social roles, etc. is strangely cultic and also brings to mind radical fundamentalist religious nuts who for example want to impose the death penalty on those that draw cartoons of mohammed. If transexual theorists want to be like religious nuts that is fine, but much like fundamentalists they are not happy unless they are imposing themselves globally. They cannot be happy living their truth, but must proselytize the "Good News" of "the cure", much as a born-again christian reinforces their faith by testimony. It's called "self-selling" and is a way of reinforcing faith-based beliefs by imposing one's views on "non-believers". Why the parasitic nature of current transgenderism? Why not create visionary spaces from which to change tired old gender binary and patriarchal systems? Why radically medicalize one's "otherness" and seek to impose
    this medical model of trangender as ILLNESS on young people? I see it as a cry for help. I see it as a misguided reaching out for help by individuals that KNOW that they are too weak to bring about change themselves. They can only internalize their binary self-hatred in the most invasive radical surgical mutilation imaginable.
    There are KNOWN treatments for Dysmorphobia, including meds and psychiatric (non-psychosurgical) intervention. Why do those who claim transgendered individuals are "ill" and need Medical treatment not advocate for these less-invasive treatments? Because these binary-enforcing pillars of patriarchy have co-opted the political power of gays and lesbians to create a "sacred cow" of political correctness to insulate their binary enforcing surgical cult. History will not look back on this period of surgical radicalism with kindness, anymore than the thousands of lobotomies used to successfully "cure" homosexuality in the past are looked on as anything but horrific medical and psychiatric malfeasance.

  2. LOL

    I doubt there's a real "butch" left at that site. Certainly not among the people you mentioned. I have never seen so many sniveling, whining, badly dressed girly-girls in suits in one place in my life.

    Since when did "butch" amount to rage-filled rants, throwing hissy fits, and having femmes coddle you? No butch I know would ever go like that - NEVER!

    As to things "dawning" on certain people - I doubt it. Ya see, any lame can be a "butch" in a room full of heterosexuals. Those wannabes can't tolerate having real butches around. And btw, it's not possible to be anti-lesbian (which they are) and a butch, too. Butch is a lesbian identity. They're a bunch of middle school "tom boys" with arrested development. "Butches", no....

    The "femmes" are no better.

    Of course there are genuinely transgendered people, but what they're peddling ain't that. They're heterosexuals, people with gender fetishes and identity crises. They do genuine, transgendered folks a huge disservice.

    Good post, though. You totally captured the culture, there. I always had the feeling that I was watching "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" as Himmler's Bundesmarsch blared in the wings. Fascinating, in a train wreck kinda way, but nothing you could ever dance to.


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