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Thursday, January 29, 2009's disordered members

Fair use capped from another woman hating Femme/Butch site. (butchfemmedancedotcom)

Seems this purported (ftm) woman is a tad upset because the dirtster discussed her Femme ignorance and various mental issues.

Interestingly (but not surprisingly) she labels me a "tg butch lesbian"). I say interestingly because it is interesting to see from the disordered themselves just how the "trans" disorder shades their perception of reality.

We often hear from the "trans" disordered about just how different and unique (can we say special snowflake syndrome) they are because they're "fighting the binary" by way of their disorder. I'm obviously still out to lunch on how exactly one can fight the binary while doing everything medically possible to subscribe to it.

It is through the strict adherence to the binary (masculine equals male/feminine equals female) that the "trans" base their entire disordered reality, hence the reason in the case above, our poster can only see me (a masculine woman-non binary) in terms OF the binary (TG).

In regards to her whine regarding my "claims" as to what Femmes desire, they arent "my claims" anymore than it would be my claim that an orange is orange. In reality words have decisive meanings (kinda simplifies communication) sadly though in "queer reality" which is a by-product of post modernism's queer theoried distortions, words are given whatever meaning the user can dream up.


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  1. I find it near unbelievable that this person assumed you to be transgender. It is so alarming and sad that in this day and age a woman's - or man's - MEDICAL STATUS is questioned due to their non-stereotyped behavior or appearance. It would seem that a true transgendered individual would be especially mindful of the "wrongness" of a strict gender binary. One would think that the concept of one's traits being unrelated to one's assumed gender would be widespread by now. Sadly, the opposite appears to be true. Much of transgenderist thought concerns itself with total conformity and enforcement of strict gender roles for both females and males. If one varies slightly, they are not "true" males, or true females. My God the sexism. The rabid misogyny. The misandry. Truly most current trans activists have more in common with radical fundamentalist muslims and christians than anything remotely in common with lesbians or gays. "Queer" is the new straight, for sure. I agree that it is only the fact that hetero females "id'ing" as "queer" have colonized lesbian spaces that there is any support for this surgi-fad whatsoever. It shocks and disheartens me that all the true "trannies", the true gender outlaws of days gone-by have been usurped by hateful misogynists with surgical practices and body modifications in league with breast enlargements and foot binding. A thread about the joys of steroid enlarged clits? No different than a thread on the joys of clitorectomies. Or the sexiness of unnecessary mastectomies. The "hotness" of mutilation. Fucking mutilation to enforce a sick, awful, patriarchal misogyny. The fact that former so-called butches embrace this mutilation is no less surprising to me than a complete embrace of anorexia by feminists would be. It is no different, and it is awful and shocking and so very very fucking sad.
    A true trans warrior will wave her dick proudly, or flash his tits with aplomb. Not like these sick-ass cowardly traitorous surgiphiles. What kind of sick-ass surgical/mutilation message are these people sending to young people? I'll answer that. GOD MADE YOU WRONG. YOU ARE UGLY. YOU ARE A MISTAKE. GET YOURSELF "CORRECTED" MEDICALLY BECAUSE YOU ARE AN ABERRATION!
    That is the message these sickos are sending to the next generation of boys and girls and everyone in between. Shame, Shame, Shame.

    And as for this sicko's "vienna sausage" thread, all I can think of is this:


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