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Saturday, January 3, 2009

A few question for the BFers

Fair use capped from the obvious.

Hmm I have a few questions for this proclaimed "butch-femme" site myself.

Aside from the cha-ching reasoning, why is a site which claims (at least within its name) to be about women and community, perpetuating, even promoting the disease and death of women?

Why is malecentrism and phallocentrism the dominant mythoi of a presumed lesbian website?

Why does a lesbian centered site who speaks regularly about "community building" recognize only those members if they're WHITE or the WOC who only speak when spoken to so as not to call attention to the racist attitudes there?

Why would misogyny rein pathologically supreme on a site tailored to lesbian women?


ps since a bunch of you "butch-femme" folks are regular readers here, seeing how I'm not a member, it would be sweet if one of you could post these questions there. Thanks in advance! Love ya's!

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  1. Why would misogyny rein pathologically supreme on a site tailored to lesbian women? - Dirt

    It's about poor fashion sense and nutritional choices.

    (Now watch. I'm going to be accused of being a tailorphobe and a foodphobe. Or would that be a clothesist and nutist? One never knows with that bunch.)

    But, to answer your question....

    It's all about CHA-CHING.

    No doubt, a calculated decision was made to pander to postmodern faddists and gender fetishists. The internet is their haven, so there's money to be made on their loneliness and social isolation. Lesbians, not so much.

    Me, I'm partial to rollerblading, handball, and reggaeton dance clubs. Oh, and menestra de verdura con las tortillas. Maybe a little avocado, on the side. I guess I'm hungry. Best take my "bedroom voice" to the kitchen.


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