Sunday, December 28, 2008

"Woman" as masturbatory Mtf Fetish

Fair use capped from an Mtf community discussing men fetishizing "woman" and "womens" clothing to the degree of developing BDD/GID.

This was the typical response by the nearly 50 (yes I counted) Mtf males who responded. On checking their profiles, all ID'd as "lesbian", ie heterosexual males. These frank discussions are exactly why most trans communities are closed. It is the dirty little secret hidden in the back of the closet by the largest population of individuals (hetero males, usually white, usually middle class or higher) that make up the "trans" community! The same "trans" community that has shoved its way into the GAY and LESBIAN community because we have oh so much in common with heterosexual male privileged men! Dontcha know!

There is thread after thread and post after post doling out the 123 answers therapists require for the "trans" disordered to pursue their disorder to their illogical consequences. Every "trans" board or community has an area that serves as a "how to" arena for just what/how to say/do/look etc so one can receive their "letter" (permission to transition). These areas of advice range from anything as insignificant as the types of undies one wears to lying about that other dirty secret of "wringing the turkey's neck" just before SRS! So much for "born in the wrong body" bullshit!

I ask you again what does any of this have to do with homosexuality? (the GL)

If the majority of the "trans" population IS "trans" because of a fetish gone awry (dont get me started on what happens when that fetish gets to the point of post SRS and these same men claiming "womenhood" begin taking low doses of T because they have mutilated their sex organs to mush) what kind of REAL legitimacy cant be placed on the rest of the "trans" populous???

While some from the ME who specialize in "trans issues" must surely know these facts, likely because every "trans" ID'd person is a pathological liar (to themselves even), many doctors who deal with "trans" are most likely snowed by the learned responses of "what they want to hear" particulars. But if an average Dirt in the street is up on this shit, there really is no excuse except profit and apathy where the whole of the ME exists when it comes to the "trans" disordered.

Sadder still perhaps is the other groups within the GLBTjguygjgjkhgjkh89y8y that remain just as ignorant while disordered person after disordered person continues to get drugged and butchered!


the new radical lesbian feminist front-NRLFF

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