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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

White Privilege in denial

So whats with all these white privilege bitches lately denying they have white privilege? Get a fucking grip ladies, pull your heads out of the ass of post modernism and deal with fucking reality! Sheesh!



  1. I guess you didn't get the memo.

    After designating everything done, passe, finito as in post-sexist, post-gendered, post-supremacist, post-racist, post-classist, post-common sense.... The "committee" got together and, in one glorious, consummate act of white privilege, declared themselves post-white privileged.

    I heard canapes were served, and red Kool-Aid.

    See, if you deem something as post-whateverthe, you get to do it and not catch a charge, by denying it ever happened, because it doesn't exist. Cool, eh!

    I guess the two, gay skin heads who were gonna assassinate Obama and behead 80 Black children didn't get the memo, either. Otherwise, they woulda copped a plea on the hate crime charge and entered a not guilty plea based on post-racism. OOPS on them!

    I did hear that they were gonna plea insanity based on their being post-modernist queers. It's called the post-post-modernist defense. It's too deep for me to figure.

    Sure do wish somebody had told me about this post-mentalizing stuff BEFORE those two plain clothes cops took me down. I woulda post-petty thefted my way out of a court appearance.

    Then again, this post-whateverthe works for some folks, not others.

    Could this be what bell hooks means when she talks about "the masta's narrative"? Them talkin' to themselves, about themselves, like nobody else's reality matters or exists. Ya think?

    Thing is, they will lynch you if you point it out. Post-lynching hasn't be instituted yet.

    Must be an oversight. Have a canape.

  2. That wouldnt be the same narrative that wrote the Indians off of THEIR land would it?


    ps Hi Beth!! Thanks for reading sweets!

  3. Yeah, but no need to get all pissy about it.

    After all, they did save their souls and turn them into mascots.

    Americans are still exploiting and killing "indians". They just do it sneaky-like, and off shore, in places like my country.

    US companies like Chiquita, International Paper, Coca-Cola Shell, ExxonMobil, Drummond Coal, American Oil/Gas just hire el FARC y paramilitaries to do their dirty work, now, instead of the US Calvary. Unionistas, granjeros y campesinos turn up dead all the time. Or, their land is taken.

    America exports it's white privilege.

    PS: Hi, Beth.


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