Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Radicalism and its Message

Someone recently questioned my ability to get my message across without losing potential interested parties. Not the first person to bring this up with me btw. I often get "I like what you say but do not like how you say it", not surprisingly by mostly academic white females. Women more concerned with academic jargon meant to exclude the less-than-educated/less-than-white than actually getting their manicured hands dirty making any REAL change themselves.

Something that has stayed close to me and I still lean on from time to time from the moment I read it in an early 1977 High Times article was this incident the radical Patti Smith had on live radio. There was a new radio station in NY, WNEW and Patti was to speak about her latest album (VINYL BABY!) Radio Ethiopia and perform with her band a few tracks. Literally when she walks into the door of this place she is hounded about her watching her language because they're so new they do not yet have a "bleep machine". So from the time she gets there right up to the time she goes on, its all about the "no bleep machine", nothing whatsoever about anything else she has to say, nothing at all about the millions dying of starvation, obviously there are bigger issues in the world like not having a fucking bleep machine!

I would like to note before I continue, this was 1977 in the land O the plenty, mass starvation was not something many americans were familiar, it wasnt even a minor concern to our government. But it was a concern to a lone individual, Patti Smith.

Back to the story, as soon as Patti hit the airwaves she ceased holding her furious tongue and let all who tuned in that night know it! She expressed her anger, juxtaposing the insanity of the importance of cursing over hundreds of thousands suffering and dying and yes she did it with expletives. She declared the airspace "radio Ethiopea" rather than WNEW and told WNEW "fuck the bleep machine, GIVE 'EM THE FUCKING WHEAT"!!!!

From then on and currently, live radio and tv fear her. Has/did this cost her from becoming a pop star, from becoming rich beyond the dreams of the greedy? You bet. But with that comes control or rather being controled, having your message diluted into a worthless meaningless substance! So I ask you what is more important, a polite proper meek message filled with emptiness that wont offend the faint of heart and reaches millions, or a radically pregnant message that may only be delivered unto to one?

The dirtster isnt running for fucking public office here, it has NEVER been and NEVER will be about the "its not what you say but how you say it" bollocks to me! Lesbian spaces are being lost, femme/butch spaces are being turned into malecentric playgrounds and worse, others are being drugged and mutilated by ignorance and patriarchy! All this and yet so-called "feminist" women wanna stand idly around with their hands on their hips and shock on their faces because while everyfuckingthing I say is fucking true, I didnt say to THEIR patriarchal academic conditioned fucking standards!!! WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH THIS FUCKING PICTURE??????!!!!!

I'll tell you whats wrong, whats wrong is it is more important for these "feminists" to lazily sit around nibbling on Triscuits criticizing the likes of me in order to assuage their own short comings and lack of radical politics!!! The polish writer Tadeusz Borowski had one of his speakers from a short story say regarding the philosophers "we were filthy and died the REAL deaths, they were aesthetic and carried on subtle debates".

I was born filthy!

proud member of the


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  2. Thank you! If you're not willing to get into the trenches, in my book you're not a soldier!


  3. Dirt, what ethnicity if any do you identify by? You rail against white academics, as if all academics are white who are asserting these classist distortions. Are you white? Do you think that all queer theorists are, or that no black people have class and systemic priveleges? That all whites have them? I've spoken to you privately about my own experiences as an under priveleged and particularly hated white dyke, but I just felt the need to put this out here. You seem to dabble a bit in your own class/race distortions, even as I admire your defiant nature.

  4. I identify as a proud german-hillbilly.

    My blog is personal, and that is the place I speak from, these are MY experiences. I can honestly say most of the primary detractors I've encountered over the past 4 years have been white privileged academic females.

    Regarding "queer theorists", I could give a fuck what colour they are, they ALL have worked to open a flood gate drowning the lesbian community as well as aided in the surface murder of thousands upon thousands of individuals.

    White privilege isnt a "distortion", its a reality no matter rich or poor, you have it.

    Class is something one doesnt have when one uses it to bash others over the skull with.

    Who needs class when you have grace!