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Saturday, December 27, 2008

ftM women KNOW Femme/Butch!

Fair use capped from a major ftM site.

As a Butch myself and a Butch whose has lettered in Femme/Butch (umm no that doesnt mean I understand Femmes), wtf is this woman talking about??? This ftM woman obviously is completely ignorant about just what occurs within the fabric of femme/butch "courtship" or anything else femme/butch related.

Yet it doesnt stop her from ignorantly ascribing the same banal heteropatriarchal nonsense that has beset Femme/Butch for the last 5000 years, all the while occupying the gay and lesbian community! Yet coming from an ftM woman I am not surprised nor shocked. This is precisely why this woman has developed a mental disorder. She has completely internalized masculine equals male and feminine equals female to the point of pathology. Like most heterocentrics she cannot comprehend female masculinity nor Femme lesbianism. Therefore she ignorantly interprets Femme/Butch AS female/male(hetero).

But while this garbage is passing as "fact", there are those out there that are shocked and angered that some members of the lesbian community are choosing to reclaim radical lesbianism and remove ourselves from the quagmire of the queer theoried alphabet soup that the lesbian community is currently drowning in!

The winds of change are blowing and the leaves of the NRLFF are taking flight!


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  1. I am both offended and outraged by this. I am a Femme. Not an Ultra Femme but I will tell you my most prized possession is my beautiful new Kors bag. This same old song and dance about Femme/Butch being female/male is absolutely ridiculous, just because I like to be pretty doesn't mean I am the bottom! It is no wonder why these crazy trans people can't figure out that they are girls. If they believe this I am sure they will fall for anything.


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