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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Fear and HATE from the Trans Community

This is a video that was posted to my LJ in response to Case's (NRLFF member) participation in upholding certain truths regarding the trans disordered and the femme/butch community. LJ links below:

It is a typical patriarchal trans tactic usually bordering on violence in order to silence any voice that even faintly voices the voice of reason. The young woman who created it and posted it is seen here.

She is of the new "trend" of young women developing the trans disorder through anime, partly out of the ever shrinking roles for females. These young women through "cosplay" (think cross dressing cartoon style) internalized in an autogynephilic manner similar to that of Mtfers, their chosen anime character. Because of the softness given to many male characters these characters are "cosplayed" generally by females. Most of these young women are heterosexual btw. Like ftM's who default to "gay" after taking faux male hormones/breast mutilations, these young women in trying to be true to anime, proclaim their sexuality as yaoi (boy love).

Trannyism we know is 99% performance, in these cases think the ULTIMATE performance!

None the less their trans disorder is just as severe as all other routes at which the individual arrives at trannydom. This video is proof positive of that! If the trans person/s feels in any way that their disorder is called into question they at first (in my experience) generally try and use their logic to refute questions and when that fails lash out, many time with threats of violence and sometimes threats of rape (again my experience).

The trans community as a whole is notorious for these types of reactions whenever a mirror is held up to them. Because of all the self doubts they themselves daily carry regarding the insanity of "transition" they cannot and will not tolerate anyone who reinforces those doubts.

Simply look at the J. Michael Bailey fiasco. For those not familiar Bailey pushished a book about the two different kinds of trannyism in Mtf's. Those who where born gay and internalized their homophobia to a pathological extreme and those (the majority of Mtfs) who took their cross dressing fetish to a pathological extreme.

Bailey was swiftly attacked by the trans community when his study was published. He was stalked, hounded, slandered, his children were stalked and name called, untrue claims were made against his work (later proven untrue), various Mtf's lied and said he had had sex with them (Case be glad they didnt go that, anything that entered their ill minds to silence Bailey short of murder the trans community tried. It was actually an intersexed person who finally called the trans community on their "harassment" of Bailey NOT because of what he said was untrue, but simply BECAUSE of what he had written!

See Case, you're in good company! If what you had written wasnt accurate and truthful, you wouldnt have been singled out to be silenced. This little hushing up stunt PROVES just how RIGHT and SPOT on you are! I personally am proud to have you as a central member of the New Radical Lesbian Feminist Front!

Let me add to the NRLFF members reading this, while the trans community isnt the major focus of our group, due to queer theory holding open the door to every lesbian dwelling, we will regularly have to deal with exactly what Case has dealt with as a whole and sometimes as individuals. Remember though when things get ugly it is not because we're wrong, but instead because we're right!




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