Saturday, December 20, 2008

Al "kate" Bornstein is peeved at us authentic gay and lesbians!

I was sent a link to a recent Al "kate" Bornstein's blog entry regarding his yawping over two, yes I said a mere two gay and lesbian events that did not to Al's satisfaction include every letter of the aphabet that now reside under the "queer" umbrella.

No shocker coming from a self ID'd "gender theorist", but interesting on the other hand coming from a self ID'd "lesbian"!!! Yeah he ID's as a lesbian too and a whole slew of other ID descriptors. Thats something I myself have a theory of, the more ID descriptors the more disorderd the individual. Remind the dirtster later and I'll create a disordered ID discriptor scale when I get time.

The most prominent trans group beating their implanted chests with their nail painted fists is not surprisingly the Mtf population who ID as "lesbians", aka straight privileged dudes(mostly white) who took their fetishes just a tad tooooo far if ya know what I mean. This also happens to be the largest group of ALL the trans ID'd. What I find interesting about this group of which Al "kate" belongs, is while they have avidly co-opted "lesbian" straight out of the hands of actual lesbians, when some event (political or social) comes about and is specifically aimed at gays and lesbians they are the first to raise their voices in protest.

If they're "lesbians" as they say, then what is the issue? They would likely argue as queer theory so kindly has informed them, that something is amiss if there is a hint of "exclusion", unless that "exclusion" is excluding POC's, the poor(whitetrash) or the uneducated (non academic) types. Queer theory is proof positive that that kind of exclusion is necessary for "progress".

While there is DEFINITELY some truth to that, I think it has much more to do with their (hetero Mtfs) persistent perfidy of their core selves which despite the make shift graves they've been laid to rest in refuse to stay buried beneath the drugs, dresses, make up and mutilations!

Simply stated, Al "kate" and those hetero males like him continue to view themselves AS straight men even through the blur of their disorder and its savage "treatments".

It goes without saying Al's straight male privilege and obvious lezbo/homo-phobia is showing. Shame on you Al!


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  1. Just who is missing in action?

    Al, I'm active in a number of organizations in the POC and G&L POC communities. We've had a number of events, all open to the public, and well advertised. To date, we have not had anyone in the trans community attend or reach out in support.

    Maybe you were all too busy feeling aggrieved to attend.

    Posted by: Blade