Monday, November 10, 2008

what the hell is going on at now???

Since I've already fair use capped several comments from this particular thread at, I have more or less followed what can only now be labeled a Butch hunt with Goody Chance as the lone heretic. While Goody Chance makes a great case for the underlying/overlying/fuckinglying malecentric misogyny blighting and similar sites, I not only see the faggots being stacked around her naked feet, I sadly see the smoke rising from the distance.

But if you're reading this Goody Chance, remember sister 300+ years on and we remember the name Goody (rebecca) Nurse and not a single name of judge or juror. I promise you Goody Chance if you burn you have the NRLFF on your side and your roasting will NOT be in vain!

On a different note, WTF is up with that "psycho bitch" (to quote several of her exes) Medusa??? This self hating bitch vomits misogyny/butchphobia sprinkled with nonsense all over this site and its Goody Chance tied to the cross??? Sheesh!!!


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