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Friday, November 7, 2008

Transphobia or Male Privilege???

This is from a fair use capped from an ftM community regarding a simple question from an ftM woman asking whether other ftM women of the community would ever date an Mtf man. When one such member simply stated she would not, she was immediately attacked for her choice.

Angry responses, slurs and sometime threats of violence are something lesbians have sadly been subjected to since the addition of the T(trans) to the GLB community. It seems this is nothing unusual for the ftM community as well when individuals state and stay their ground on having only attractions towards women, which doesnt include Maletfs. Like lesbians, ftM's are also labeled "transphobic" for their natural primary attractions to women only.

One Mtf man interestingly goes so far to try and convince this particular ftM woman of just how "hot" Mtf men can be and posts several pics of Mtf's he deems attractive. While these men are not unattractive in the patriarchal sense, they still remain obviously males imitating the plastic conditioned male gazed IDEA of woman, which is nothing whatsoever to do with woman herself. Here perhaps more than anywhere else is where Mtfs REALLY proves their maleness, it is in their IDEA of woman.

This idea is something women in general whatever their proclivities find ugly, artificial and unnatural, which it is. And while it is only through being a woman born and raised under patriarchal regimes, it would be novel of the men claiming to be "women" to let go of their male privilege long enough to educate themselves of womens histories/pains and struggles, glean from that what they can as men and then proceed with their disorder(if they so choose) thereby allowing actual women their own privilege to love who they alone desire without judgements, hatred and sexist slurs.



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