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Monday, November 24, 2008

Trans-where delusion meets disorder

Before tackling the issue brought up by the poster, let me first say this fair use cap was snapped from a Butch/Femme website, a site that not only condones trannyism, but encourages its abuses of mentally ill women. On an aside, the New Radical Lesbian Feminist Front (NRLFF) will not only tackle head on the issue of lesbian sites/spaces online and realtime who promote the drugging and mutilation of women in all its forms, we will challenge these heteropatriarchal policies until they are eradicated from our midst!!!

Now to the question the commentor brings up as to why a person would "transition" were it not to "cure" their illness. A "cure" involves healing, a literal END to a disease, not a temporary reprieve from an illness and surely not a lifetime spent on drugs while searching/hoping/saving for further unnecessary surgeries. If I broke my leg, my leg is not going to be healed properly by undergoing psychotherapy. We cannot expect the disordered to comprehend this simplicity, but shouldnt we as a civilized society expect those treating (medical establishment) this illness to know the difference???

Why is GID (a psychiatric-mental-disorder) the only disorder the medical establishment "treats" physically, rather than where the disorder as disorders tend to do, reside mentally???? The "treatment" for this disorder was created 60+ years ago because the psychiatric community could NOT "cure" gay men of their gayness. Or to be more precise, they could not "cure" feminine gay men of their femininity or their attractions to other men, concentrating wholly on feminine gay men because they were believed to be the ONLY gay men.

If you cannot bring the mountain to heteropatriarch Harry Benjamin drugged and carved gay men into heterosexualism! The current scale still used today to diagnose GID is largely taken from H.B.'s scale created for gay men. Even though most current psychiatrist readily agree GID has NOTHING to do with sexual orientation. This same scale has been slightly patriarchaly modified to include the female persuasion, rather than create something specific for female sufferers of GID. Even women who think they are men are still misogynistically relegated to that of the shit pile.

Getting back to the comment sited above, the "cut and dry" of it is due to the invisibility of the natures of minority females such as masculine females, young females looking for a reflection naturally look to women, when they do not see anything really resembling themselves there, they then look to males. In seeing some basic characteristics they can identify with, these young girls assume they're male also, until that is, puberty. Then their body betrays their male "idea" of themselves and they begin experiencing body dysphoria (GID).

Most females with such feelings in time grow out of the dysphoria (if given a chance) and later embrace their uniqueness, sadly others do not. They ignorantly assume like the poster they're simply "born in the wrong body", rather than logically being "born in the wrong society".


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