Friday, November 14, 2008

Mtf's and gender norms

Snipped from a trans-apologist essay by a trans-stockholm syndromed former "radical feminist".

Lets for a moment suspend the patriarchal Medical Establishments ignorant ideas of those "born with the 'wrong' sexualized body parts" and examine the pre-tranny, and I say pre because until diagnosed, the "trans" person does not exist until the ME creates him/her, thereby nullifying the "born" tranny nonsense.

I'll stick to the MALEtfers as the essayist had and as they make up the majority of trans cases(which the writer never addresses). In the snippet above the essayist states that until the MALEtfer begins some form of the transitional phase, he feels ashamed/fearful/awkward in patriarchal society as a "woman". Okay fine, I get that, it makes perfect sense. But what doesnt make a lick of sense is, why is no one asking WHY????? If the ME never asks why, can the ME rightfully or better yet, Hippocraticly treat people with this disorder??????

Since the ME wont pose the question/s, the dirtster will. Why are males so insecure/fearful etc about performing "woman" in public before IDing/transitioning to some form of the male gazed idea of "woman"? Why are there more males who trannify than females?

If we were living say 50+ years ago with trannyism where it stands today, I would wager the gap between Mtf's and ftM's would greatly be narrowed. Why? Because females were still very confined to their patriarchal prescribed "feminine" roles and specific gender play. But because women (some women) began publically/personally rebelling against prescribed gender norms such as dress/working outside the home etc, women began changing what was exceptable for women. Forty years after the beginnings of feminism and the male privileged are still lagging behind and have yet to assert their right to their desires/expressions of what is acceptable for men.

The only male movements we see involve men being able to bond with other men sans homosexuality. We rarely see males who naturally/fetishly desire/feel comfortable in clothes/appearances deemed womens out and about doing their day to day. Men, with all their privileges are much too afraid to face the many many obstacles, hates, judgements, murders, beatings, rapes etc (paying the price) that women have had to deal with in order to widen their prescribed gender possibilities.

This is where and why we see the increase in transitioning from Mtf's as opposed to ftMs. Females, by increasing the possibility of whats available for their/our gender/roles (dress/play/jobs etc) have ultimately assisted in the reduction of women suffering from ftMism.

In typcial male privileged fashion, men want the easy out to tolerance and acceptance. They'll mobilize for the rights to drug and mutilate themselves, but fight to freely live as feminine men, men who naturally feel comfortable in the feminine, playing in fact with femininity etc, forget it.
Because at the very least under the guise of transgenderism/transsexualism males can continue to perpetuate their patriarchal conditioned misogynistic rape and pillagings by conquering "women" as their own!


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